digital technology in the fight against epidemics

The theme for “Africa Challenge App” 2020, which was launched on Monday by RFI and France 24, fits perfectly into the context of the Covid-19 pandemic as the competition aims to put new technology at the service of the fight against epidemics.

RFI and France 24 will launch the 5th edition of the “Africa Challenge App” on Monday 14 September. At the time of Covid-19, this year’s competition aims to promote the integration of new technologies in the fight against new epidemics in French-speaking Africa.

The “Africa Challenge App” will reward digital innovations (websites, applications, SMS services, etc.) which make it possible to meet users’ needs when epidemics occur (access to care, reliable information, basic necessities, etc.).

Applications can be submitted until 15 November the website for “Challenge App Africa”. The ten finalists will benefit from personal support within an incubator present in their country of origin and the winner will receive funding for the development of their project.