Donald Trump assures that the climate “will eventually cool down”

Common with climate skeptics, Donald Trump assured Monday that the climate would end “by cooling down” during a review in California of the fires that have ravaged the west coast for more than a week.

“It will eventually cool down,” Donald Trump assured on Monday, September 14, referring to the issue of climate change, during a briefing in California on the fires that have ravaged the west coast for more than a week. “I do not think science really knows that,” added the Republican candidate, who regularly practices climate skepticism.

“This does not really cool Mr. President #climate change”, commented on Twitter Wade Crowfoot, a local official at the California Natural Resources Protection Agency, who accompanies his post with a graphic of rising temperatures in California.

“Observed evidence speaks for itself: climate change is real and it’s getting worse,” GavinNewsom, the governor of California, also insisted.

“Explosion” of trees

Donald Trump also threw some Americans into confusion by provoking the fall and the spontaneous “explosion” of trees. “When trees fall, after a short while, 18 months, they become very dry. They really become like a match,” he explained. “There is no more water flowing and they become very, very … they explode. They can explode.”

At the same time, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden attacked his rival and blamed him for denying the reality of climate change. “If we give a climate burner another four years in the White House, how can anyone be surprised that America is lit even more?” said the former vice president during an outdoor speech in Wilmington, Delaware, where he lives.

“We have a choice, we can commit to moving forward together because we know that climate change is an existential challenge that will determine our country’s future,” or “we can choose Donald Trump’s path: ignore facts, deny reality, which means to give up completely, he says.

Dozens of flames have destroyed the west coast of the United States for several days. They have already killed at least 35 people since the beginning of the summer, 27 of them this week in the three states of Washington, Oregon and California.

The fires that are increasing all over the world are associated with various phenomena that scientists expect due to global warming. The increase in temperature, the increase in heat waves and the decrease in precipitation in places are therefore an ideal combination for the development of fires.

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