Enrico Letta: “The British method is unacceptable”

Enrico Letta is a guest at Here Europe. Former President of the Italian Council, now Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences-Po Paris and President of the Jacques-Delors Institute, he addresses the major issues of this European re-entry, from Covid to Brexit via escalation. tensions in the Mediterranean, the crisis in Belarus and the poisoning of Russian opponent Alexe Navalny.

When asked about the British attempt to reverse the Brexit agreement with the EU, Enrico Letta does not mock words: “This method from the British government is ‘unfair’ and unacceptable. We do not go back on an agreement Michel Barnier has done a remarkable job “Europe’s unity must be strengthened. If we move towards a non-agreement, the shock will be strong. We will lose all credibility in relation to the world.”

He welcomes the European recovery planlaunched in the wake of Covid-19: “Ten years ago, it took four years to react. This time, just four months between March and July.” And if he wants to wait for Ursula von der Leyen’s speech on September 16 to assess the European Union’s management of the pandemic, he still believes “that other parts of the world have more problems than us with Coviden.”

He doubly condemns Russia, primarily on the poisoning of political opponent Alexei Navalny: “When Angela Merkel speaks, she is speaking as EU president. We can not tolerate what Russia is doing to its opponents.” He also pointed to Moscow’s role in the crisis in Belarus: “It is a test of European strength and credibility. Strong, harsh sanctions must be triggered.”

Finally, he called on the European Union to unite around Greece, provoked by Turkey over hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean: “All countries in the European Union have the right to be defended by others. Ireland with Brexit would have swept away by the British, but the EU defended Ireland’s interests. with regard to Cyprus and Greece. “