for the WHO, October and November will be “more difficult” in Europe with an increase in deaths

The WHO’s European director told AFP on Monday that mortality linked to Covid-19 would be higher on the old continent in October and November.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expects an increase in the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Europe during the months of October and November, which will be “more difficult” in the face of the epidemic, said on Monday 14 September, the head of its European branch.

“Celava is getting tougher. In October, in November, we will see a higher mortality rate,” Hans Kluge said in an interview with AFP, as the number of recorded cases hovers over the old continent. , but with a daily death toll at the moment almost stable.

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This increase in the number of daily deaths will be due to the increase in cases due to the resumption of the epidemic in Europe, according to the WHO.

“We are in a time when countries do not want to hear this kind of bad news, and I understand,” said the head of his European branch, who, however, wanted to send “the positive message” that the pandemic would “end, at one point or another. . “

WHO Europe gathers all fifty Member States on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the response to the pandemic and agree on its five-year strategy.

Warning regarding vaccine expectations

The UN’s senior official, based in Copenhagen, warned those who believe that the end of the epidemic will coincide with the development of a vaccine that is still ongoing.

“I hear all the time, ‘The vaccine will be the end of the epidemic. Of course not!'” He exclaimed. “We do not even know if the vaccine will be effective in all sections of the population. Some signs that we get it are that it will be effective for some, but not for others,” said the Belgian doctor. “And if we suddenly have to order different vaccines, what a logistical nightmare …”, he also warned.

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“The end of this pandemic will be when we as a society have learned to live with this pandemic. And it depends on us. It is a very positive message,” he said. .

The number of cases in Europe has increased sharply for several weeks, especially in Spain and France. On Friday, more than 51,000 new cases were reported for that day in the 55 countries of WHO Europe alone, more than the peaks in April, according to official data from the organization.

At the same time, the number of daily deaths currently remains at the level observed since the beginning of June, about 400 to 500 deaths linked to Covid-19, according to the same source.

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