In Israel, a Jewish settler was convicted of murdering three Palestinians, including a baby

An Israeli court has sentenced a Jewish resident to life in prison for killing a baby and his parents, all Palestinians. Facts go back to July 2015: the child died in a arson attack and his parents died of their burns in the following weeks.

An Israeli resident was sentenced on Monday, September 14, to life in prison for the murder of a Palestinian baby and his parents, who died in a murderous fire attack on their home in 2015, on the occupied West Bank.

The court in Lodav found Amiram Ben-Ouliel guilty of these murders in May last year. On Monday, he sentenced the young Jewish settler to a total of “three sentences” of life imprisonment, one per murder.

In July 2015, 18-month-old baby Ali Dawabcheh was burned alive after Molotov cocktails were thrown at his house in Douma, on the West Bank, a Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

His father Saad and his mother Riham surprised as he did in his sleep and gave in to his burns in the following weeks. Only her brother Ahmed, then four years old, survived.

This tragedy had aroused great emotions in the Palestinian territories, in Israel and abroad.

Another prison

In May 2019, another Israeli arrested in this case pleaded guilty to participating in the preparation of a “racist crime”. And in October last year, Justice condemned him for “belonging to a terrorist organization”, citing a group of radical settlers who questioned state authority.

After the attack, Israel had been criticized abroad and by human rights organizations for its “laxity” towards radical groups. The Palestinians had accused the Jewish state of “supporting” Jewish extremism.

However, a unanimous Israeli leader condemned “Jewish terrorism.”

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