Khadija Sambe, the first Senegalese professional surfer to present a team to the Olympics

Khadija Sambe grew up between a fishing village and N’Gor, an island with surfers near Dakar. She took her first waves at the age of 13. A passion that she then practices in secret, because her parents are against it. Today, the first professional surfer in her country, she fights for African women to be better represented in this discipline and wants to form a team for the next Olympics.

Surfing is not the only sport that inspires dreams … In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hondi Rugenge, world champion in bodybuilding 2019, wants to make his discipline a way out for the young people in his country. Many of them have to deal with poverty and crime.

At Cameron, aquaponics, this system that combines the cultivation of plants and the breeding of fish in the same unit, is becoming increasingly popular. This production technology can revolutionize agriculture in Africa, especially to meet the food needs of the urban population in rapid demographic growth. Good news for the planet too, because the products are organic and pesticide free.