PSG-OM: Alves flies to save Neymar against Alvaro

After complaining that he had been subjected to racism by Alvaro during PSG-OM, Neymar received support from Dani Alves.

There was not much to remember about the game, and it is therefore logical that soap opera Neymar-Alvaro speaks at the beginning of the week. At the end of a stormy classic (1-0), the Brazilian complained about being exposed to racism from the Spaniard, and the latter responded.

To read – Neymar responds to Alvaro after his message!

Light must obviously shed on this dark story. But in the meantime, some are already taking a stand. Like Dani Alves, compatriots and former teammate of Neymar in Barcelona and Paris.

“There is no place for people who preach hatred or racism”

“In sports as in life we ​​are there to inspire people, to change lives, and there is no place for people who preach hatred or racism”, first wrote the right page on Instagram.

“Do not be guided by hatred, my brother. Be the peace and kindness you carry in your soul. Love is the only way to fight hatred, even if it sometimes harms our nature! I love you my little brother”, Alves concluded in his post.