PSG-OM, Neymar responds to Alvaro after his message

The Brazilian responded on social networks to the OM defender who defended himself from being racist through a photo and a message.

Neymar cracked completely last Sunday during the Classic against Marseille. In addition to a very disappointing individual performance, the Brazilian could not stay cool and he had to return to the locker room before the rest of his teammates. A few seconds from the end, the former FC Barcelona wing was rejected by the referee for hitting Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez in the neck. It was only after seeing WHERE that Brisard made this decision. The Spanish defender was also sent out for his involvement in the battle that preceded the operation.

But if Neymar “went crazy” it would be due to Alvaro Gonzalez’s racist insults against him. After complaining to the fourth referee when he left the pitch, the Brazilian reacted a few minutes later on his social networks: “My only regret is not having met this disadvantage”! “, Neymar wrote in a first Twitter post. In a second post, he also added: “WHERE, it’s easy to spot my assault. Now I want to see the image of the racist who calls me “monkey son of a bitch”. This is what I want to see. And then ? Wow, you’re punishing me. Idiot. I’m being kicked out, what about them? So what ?”

A little later in the evening, Alvaro Gonzalez also came out of the silence to defend himself. The Spanish defender tweeted a photo with several of his OM teammates where he wrote: “There is no room for racism. A pure career and with many teammates and friends daily. You sometimes have to learn to lose and take it on the field. Incredible three points today. Go OM and thank you family.”

Growing up as rare, Neymar took the trouble to respond to Alvaro Gonzalez’s tweet. The Brazilian was not there in four ways: “You are not a man who owns his mistake, losing is part of the sport, he wrote. Now insulting and taking racism into our lives, no, I do not agree. I do not respect you! YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER! Guess what you say my brother … Be a MAN! RACIST.”

The LFP should really investigate this issue in the next few days. If the facts stated by Neymar are true, Alvaro Gonzalez obviously risks a heavy suspension. Meanwhile, the two players, sent off at the end of the match, will not be able to play the next respective match in their teams against Metz for Paris Saint-Germain and Saint-Etienne for Olympique de Marseille.