dewormed Sweden, a European exception

Before Covid-19, Sweden has not chosen the same strategy as its European neighbors: no worm, no containment. Schools and restaurants remained open even during the health crisis.

The last rays from the sun are reflected on the Stockholm Sea and Swedes of all generations enjoy it. “Go and play golf, meet friends: it has been a good time !, describes a Swedish couple, everyone smiles. You know in Sweden, we do not have so many cases of Covid-19, long live freedom!”

In the face of the global pandemic, the country provides some advice to curb the health crisis, but does not face any regulations, it is not even recommended to wear a mask. “Keep your distance, wash your hands, that’s what we do. Swedes listen, they do what they are told,” said one resident.

10 times more deaths than in Norway or Finland

The strategy pays off: the number of cases in Sweden is about 300 per day, 20 times less than in France. It also helps to attract tourists. “Here we can sit in the cafe without a mask, walk around without a mask. It is wonderful to see all these smiles,” says a German on holiday.

But this freedom has a price: the country has ten times more deaths than its neighbors, Norway and Finland.

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