OM, Villas-Boas: “Alvaro is not racist, and OM represents multiculturalism”

The OM coach has defended his central defender, has returned to victory against PSG for a long time but does not want to be expelled.

The victory against Paris Saint-Germain in the Olympique de Marseille on Sunday night will make its mark on both teams. If it is good for Phocéens to have finished the series of games without a victory against their historical rival, they will be deprived of several players after the stormy end of the match to face AS Saint-Etienne. In addition, OM and its players must live with the case of possible racist insults from Alvaro Gonzalez against Neymar. During a press conference, André Villas-Boas defended his Spanish central defender.

OM defends Alvaro Gonzalez

“As you know, we support our player, we are sure that Alvaro is not racist and OM represents multiculturalism. We will all help to show the truth, we do not doubt what Alvaro already has Neymar himself suffered from false accusations against him, he knows what impact it may have, it is not correct. It is a sensitive issue, but the two clubs will help prove the truth. I stand behind my player, I do not doubt. (…) Death threats are true, we told them to the police, that they would do their job.These are the consequences of the accusations, I hope everything will end very quickly, “pleaded André Villas-Boas.

“PSG are trying to prove some things, but not others. (…) Liga will be under pressure to study all this. We will see if there are influences. Am I afraid of sanctions?” First of all, I think that the expulsion of Benedetto is not justified, he should have been there against Saint-Etienne. We will appeal yellow from Pope Gueye. I do not know the others. Amavi tried to calm things down and was violently attacked by Kurzawa … An uncomfortable victory? That’s how it is. In any case, what I said to the players is that we crossed a mental barrier by winning against Paris, it will give us mental strength for the future, and maybe even for the Champions Trophy if it takes place.“, added the OM coach.

“Hard to beat without supporters”

Despite the success against PSG, André Villas-Boas refuses to be fooled and expects a complicated match against ASSE: “I do not see the ambitions to rise no. L1 is very difficult, we will stop losing points, it is necessary. Then it also depends on other factors, such as the suspension of Amavi. If we have more options than last year with the squad it’s the big difference. ASSE? We will have an empty stadium, it is difficult to surpass ourselves. In addition, they are in a good position. period, they have found a balance, they play good ball, Puel made a Good job. It’s going to be a tough game. “

OM, Rongier: “If we can become champions this year, we will not deprive ourselves of it”

The absence of Benedetto? Normally we play 4-3-3, I think we will keep our system, so we have Marley (Aké) to play in front, we tested Thauvin, we also have Lopez, Payet … I still have to think about it. We work every week to be ready for the next match, we do not strive for top form at certain times, it is not our way of working. I’m not so worried about the current workload, it will be different when the Champions League starts, especially after travel “, added the Portuguese technician.

André Villas-Boas contacted about his future: “I can not answer this question after just a victory against PSG. Now is not the time, and it’s not up to me. The first extension proposal was rejected by me and I have not received anything since. I have to keep winning, especially against the big guys. And here we have to win against Saint-Etienne, I well remember the printer from the supporters last year that beating ASSE is an obligation “.