Russian opponent Alexey Navalny is better and plans to return to Russia

The victim of an attempted poisoning last month, according to several Western countries, shared a photograph of Alexeï Navalny on Tuesday, who was sitting on his hospital bed and surrounded by his family in Berlin.

One week after being released from an artificial coma, Alexei Navalny shared his Instagram account, which has 1.8 million subscribers, a photograph of him sitting on his hospital bed in Berlin with family members.

“I do not know almost anything yet, but yesterday (Monday) I was able to breathe on my own all day,” he wrote on his Instagram account, the attached photo shows him with open eyes and drawn features, with his wife, son and daughter .

“It is a fantastic process and is underestimated by many. I recommend it,” he joked.

Return to Russia

The victim of intentional poisoning on August 20 in Tomsk, Siberia, according to his entourage, Alexei Navalny will soon be able to do without “artificial ventilation”, Berlin Hospital where he was treated said the day before.

Asked by AFP if the opponent’s return to Russia had once recovered, his spokesman replied that “there had never been anything else”.

“I understand why we ask the question, but I still find it strange that one can think” that he could go into exile, “she commented on Twitter.

Russia refuses to open criminal investigation

Several opponents or opponents of the Kremlin have been deliberately poisoned in recent years, others have been murdered in other ways. Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations.

On September 3, a German military laboratory concluded that Alexei Navalny, 44, had been poisoned by a Novichok-type substance designed for military purposes during the Soviet era.

French and Swedish laboratories confirmed the German conclusions, so Paris and Berlin again insisted on Monday on the need for a Russian investigation.

This first announcement from the Russian opponent comes the day after a symbolic election victory in Tomsk, where two of his supporters entered the city council, a first. Others were elected in the country’s third city, Novosibirsk, still in Siberia.

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