The former Malian dictator Moussa Traoré died at the age of 83

Former dictator Moussa Traoré, head of Mali from 1968 to 1991 before being overthrown in a military coup, died on Tuesday at the age of 83.

He exercised almost undivided power in Mali for 22 years before being overthrown by a coup. The former dictator Moussa Traoré died at the age of 83, we learned that on Tuesday 15 September from those around him.

“Moussa Traoré died today at 12.05 at his home in Bamako. We are really in mourning,” his nephew Mohamed Traoré told AFP. He did not specify the causes of death of the former general, who, sentenced to death twice after his fall, said he as a soldier was “prepared for the idea of ​​not dying in his bed”.

Moussa Traoré, then a lieutenant, was the main promoter of the coup on November 19, 1968, which overthrew President Modibo Keïta, in power since independence in 1960.

His death comes ten days before his 84theanniversary and seven days before the proclamation of Mali’s independence. It also comes at a time when his country, which for several years was plunged into a deep security, economic and political crisis, has just experienced its fourth coup since independence and is struggling to find the follow-up to the coup on 18 August.

In recent years, Moussa Traoré had become a kind of old sage that politicians would consult.

With AFP