PSG-Metz (1-0), Thomas Tuchel: “This team is incredible”

At a press conference, the Parisian coach praised his mood on Wednesday after the victory at the end of the tension against Metz (1-0).

What do you think of Angel Di Maria’s performance?

It’s always the same with him. He is reliable, strong, he has experience, mentality and quality to be decisive. He showed it again. This is nothing new. He’s just played two games in three days with a little practice, it’s unbelievable. I have no word. But we’re used to it now. It’s a gift to have him on the team.

And the overall result for your team?

We created opportunities for ourselves, we put in a lot of effort. Many players lacked training, such as Marqui and Mauro (Icardi). We’re using too much Angel (Di Maria), Ander (Herrera) and Ghana (Gueye) right now, but they are responding. Abdou (Diallo) hadn’t played that much in a long time either. But I can feel that they want it. We were tired, we missed many opportunities. But they did not give up, not even after Juan (Bernat) injury. This team is amazing. A coach can not wish for a better state of mind. We deserved to win, and to do it nine against eleven is very strong.

“Will Draxler stay? I can not guarantee anything”

Julian Draxler, goal scorer tonight, will he stay?

We can not guarantee anything in football. From day to day, everything can change. He has quality and every match is a moment for him to show himself, to prove. If he plays with that mentality, he can be a very important player for us. I always count on him, in these moments we can not leave anyone behind.

What do you think about LFP’s disciplinary commission?

It’s better that I do not say what I think. I’ve never seen a guy take two games for a yellow and then a red. I’m surprised, but at the same time not really. Angel? I am also very surprised that he has to talk to the Commission. I can not imagine a sanction for him. But I do not expect anything, we have to accept it.

How do you explain your team’s lack of offensive success?

We lack attackers, it’s very simple.

Are you going to pick up Kylian Mbappé, Thilo Kehrer and Marco Verratti on Sunday in Nice?

I hope. Both had some adductor pain. We took no risks today. I hope we can get them back. We will still miss Leo Paredes for one game and I do not know if it is possible for Ghana and Ander to play another hour in the middle. Kylian? What is positive is that he had no symptoms. He is feeling well, he has trained individually in recent days. Maybe we will do the same as with Marqui, Angel and Mauro with him. I decide on Saturday. We will see if he can also train with the group. I need to talk to him and the doctor about it.

Have you talked to Neymar since Sunday about his quarrel with Alvaro Gonzalez and possible racist comments?

We talked about many things, but not really about it. He explained to me what he had heard, but that’s all. It was up to the club to defend him and be next to Ney in this case. We talked mostly about the athlete, but not too much about this thing.

Benjamin Quarez, at the Parc des Princes.