Mercato – Inter Milan president denies contact with Lionel Messi

The president of Inter Milan has confirmed that the Milan club has never positioned itself on the Argentine due to the Covid-19 crisis.

On Wednesday night, Lionel Messi offered himself a double in a friendly against Girona, just to fully start the new era of Ronald Koeman. With a smile on his face, Pulga gave the impression that nothing had happened in recent weeks and that a resignation had never been announced publicly.

Now fully focused on the new Catalan project, at least for the coming season, Messi will not join Inter Milan or Manchester City, announced as clubs interested in the six-time Ballon d’Or. But has the Milan club really been in the footsteps of the Barcelona captain?

Listening to President Steven Zhang, rumors have been just lies.

“For Messi, such an investment can not be part of our project, acknowledged the interior manager of Le Corriere dello sport. At least not right now. “

“Football is going through a very sensitive and turbulent moment at the international level. This attitude of caution will not only apply to this window in the transition window, but must also be respected in the future.”

As the Covid-19 crisis had passed there, Inter Milan were therefore unable to pay the € 700 million of Lionel Messi’s clause. But what will happen in a year when the Argentine could be free from any contract?