3500 ATMIS soldiers killed in Somalia

April 12 (Jowhar.com) – The African Union’s Special Envoy for Somalia, Mohamed El-Amine Souef, spoke for the first time about the ATMIS operation forces who died and those who were injured during the more than 16 years they were in Somalia.

In an interview he gave to VOA, he said about 10,000 soldiers were killed and injured in various attacks in Somalia, Uganda and Burundi. He said they are the most affected countries.

He confirmed that at least 3,500 of these soldiers died and 4,000 were wounded.

The head of ATMIS and the representative of the African Union in this country, Souef, said the army came to Somalia for a good reason.

Discussion of the casualties suffered by the ATMIS operation forces in Somalia Mention of the most affected countries: Somalia, Uganda, and Burundi.

Confirmation of at least 3,500 deaths and 4,000 injuries among the Acknowledgement that the soldiers came to Somalia for a good reasonPotential analysis of the effectiveness and impact of the ATMIS operation.

Exploration of the current state of security and stability in Somalia Examination of the role of the African Union in Somalia’s political and security landscape Consideration of the broader implications of military intervention in conflict zones.

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