About fifteen civilians killed in an attack by suspected jihadists in Burkina Faso

“Terrorists” carried out an attack in Sorgha in eastern Burkina Faso on Wednesday, killing around 15 civilians, according to a local official. There followed a “massive exodus” of residents fleeing incursions by armed groups.

Fifteen civilians were killed on Wednesday (July 5) during an attack by suspected jihadists in eastern Burkina Faso, security and local sources told AFP.

“Terrorists carried out an attack early this morning in Sorgha”, a locality located near Bogandé, the capital of Gnagna province, in the eastern region, “which claimed the lives of around fifteen residents, including women,” a local official told AFP.

“The assailants who attacked the village early in the morning on motorcycles also injured several people who were evacuated to Bogandé”, the same source continued.

Another local resident confirmed the number of “fifteen deaths” and indicated that “the terrorists also burned houses and food lofts before disappearing”.

“Since this morning, the people of Sorgha have started fleeing towards Bogandé, as have those of Nindangou”, a neighboring village, “which is also experiencing a massive exodus of its inhabitants for fear of an attack”, he adds. .

The attack was confirmed by security sources, according to which “security operations are ongoing” in this area located in the eastern region, “particularly targeted in recent days by attacks by armed groups”.

A spiral of jihadist violence

At least 71 men, including 31 soldiers and 40 civilian army auxiliaries, were killed on Monday in three attacks by suspected jihadists, the two deadliest of which took place in Center-North province, according to the army and sources.

Caught in a spiral of jihadist violence since 2015, Burkina Faso has been led since late September 2022 by Captain Ibrahim Traoré, who came to power in a coup, the second in eight months.

On Saturday, several thousand people demonstrated in a dozen cities in the country, including Fada N’Gourma, the capital of the eastern region, to support the transitional authorities and demand a new constitution.

The violence over the past eight years has killed more than 10,000 civilians and soldiers, according to NGOs, and displaced more than two million.


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