Africa Journal – President Julius Maada Bio re-elected for second term in Sierra Leone

Incumbent President Julius Maada Bio was re-elected in the first round for a second term as leader of Sierra Leone with 56.17% of the vote, the head of the Electoral Commission said. His main opponent Samura Kamara comes in second with 41.16% of the vote according to the final results.

Ouch KenyaPresident William Ruto issued a Finance Bill which establishes many new taxesannounced the presidency on Monday despite criticism from the opposition and the people of this country hit by very high inflation. Coated Bastien Renouil

Wagner in Africa: what are the consequences?

In the Central African Republic, the minister advised by President Touadéra, Fidel Gouangika, confirmed that the country had signed a contract with Moscow and not with Wagner, and that if Moscow no longer agrees with Wagner, it will send a new contingent. Guest: Mathieu Olivier, journalist Jeune Afrique.

The campaign for parliamentary elections in the DRC promises to be very tense six months from the date of the election. Some experts condemn a pre-campaign in which the democratic space becomes smaller with the arrest of more opponents.

The opposition condemns the ruthlessness of power. On the majority side, we are preparing to campaign. Report by Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

Senegal pays tribute to the filmmaker Ousmane Sembene.

Sembene Ousmanemonument of African cinema would have been 100 years this year. The director of the films “Camp Thiaroye” or “Guelwaar” was also a recognized and committed writer.

His novels “Docker noir” or “les bouts de bois de Dieu” about the Dakar-Niger railway strike in the late 1940s remain in the collective memory. Through 2023, initiatives pay tribute to Senegall, his country of origin.

Panels around his work, film club showing his feature films. His legacy lives on, also among the new generation of moviegoers. Reporting by Sarah Sakho, Aminatou Diallo and Mbaye Ndir.

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