Africa Journal – Putin does not want to BRICS summit, relieved in South Africa

In South Africa, the presidency announced today that President Vladimir Putin will not attend the BRICS (Brazil Russia India China and South Africa) summit scheduled for next month in Johannesburg. Russia will be represented by Sergei Lavrov. The end of a long saga.

First of three days of mobilization in Kenya decreed by Raila Odinga, and first success according to the leader of the opposition coalition. If there were quite a few protesters, this mobilization against the high cost of living affected more and more cities in many parts of the country. Some of these rallies have taken a violent turn.

A story that only Hollywood has the secret. He also works for the big American blockbusters. Raised in Congo, educated in France, worked in London, lives in New Zealand where he works as an animator for major animated films including Avatar, Avengers, The Jungle Book… for which he won oscars… Sidney Kombo Kintombo was our guest and he came to present his Third Pole project to train young Africans in the little-known professions of animation.

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