Afrique Hebdo – Omar Victor Diop or photography, a window to another world

With his camera, he opens a new window to the Africa he knows: the one that dreams and acts with optimism and ambition. A self-taught artist, Omar Victor Diop fits right into the legacy of African studio photography by Seydou Keïta or Malick Sidibé.

A genre that he understood to appropriate the codes, but also to free himself from them.

He talks to us about his work on the themes of a humanity dealing with nature and the living, his re-reading of the history of black protest, figures of the African diaspora forgotten by western history, and the photographic album he signs for Louis Vuitton dedicated to Deauville, a city that reminds him of his native Dakar.

Also on this show:

Where is the “Great Green Wall” project in the Sahel?

It is one of the most prominent projects in light of the climate crisis: The Great Green Wall. The goal is to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land in Africa on an 8,000 km strip stretching from Senegal to Djibouti.

This initiative, which will also make it possible to combat food insecurity in one of the regions most affected by malnutrition in the world, aims to be completed by 2030. However, on the ground, the project is far from successful. Only 15% of this barrier of trees has so far been erected.

Related objects made in Benin

500 billion dollars by 2025! That’s what the connected objects sector in Africa should report, according to Cisco Systems, the US specialist in connected networks and servers. In Benin, a start-up has been launched in this sector. It gives digital life to everyday objects. Ties, purses, bags or even shoes can be controlled remotely.

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