During the assessment of the first six months of Cagjar’s government, the prime minister of Ethiopia, his Excellency Dr. Abiy Ahmed gives take care message to the Cagjar and his government.

The acting and deputy president of the Somali region in Ethiopia Mustafa Cagjar tended and accustomed just defacing and demonizing his predecessor, and this vacillate and unripe policy leads to became nonchalant, reckless and feckless towards his people’s demands and complaints.

The first six months of his government ended up in vain. Most of his cabinets are lack of experience, and also out of the local context. So, they are busy only amassing money, embezzlement, cannibalism and nepotism.

If you mull over and immerse profoundly what is going on in the region, you can extract the reality on the ground. The local people are suffocating and bemoaning the misrule of the incumbent and his obsequious cabinet.

During, the evaluation period of Cagjar’s government in Addis-Ababa, last week from now on 02/03/2019, Abiy said to Cagjar:” I feed the families of the officers I jailed, and you didn’t visit even your predecessor! So, you must visit him!” this strong warning shocked and freaked out Cagjar and his docile cabinet. In my knowledge, some of his cabinet and local traditional elders visited the former president in his solitary confinement, but I am not sure whether Cagjar was part of that group or not.  


Cagjar becomes sycophant to Abiy!

The acting/and deputy president in the Somali region showcases allegiance to the orders of the prime minister devoid of balancing and thinking whether this guidance befits his region or not! and this startled the people! Because, Abiy maintains and persists to neglect and marginalize the Somali community in Ethiopia, politically, economically and even socially. So, the incumbent Cagjar accepts every instruction from Abiy without repudiate and impugn! Dude. And this docile policy humiliates the Somali region.

On the other hand, Cagjar is still hunting his predecessor’s sub-tribe, and in the meantime, his sub-tribe (Reer Isaaq) is bestriding his government. If we backtrack, his pledges when he takes the office, he said” my government will be based on meritocracy” so, is this merit based?!

The other side of the coin, Cagjar commits gross human rights violations, because, his government is targeting even the women of the former government officials, which is absolutely inhuman and immature. Additionally, Cagjar’s government evicts and dislodges from the Somali regional parliament more than ten (15) members of parliament (MPs), including: –

  1. Abdi Mohamud Omar (Former President)
  2. Ahmed Abdi Ilkacase (Former Interim President)
  3. Su’ad Ahmed Farah (Former Deputy President)
  4. Mohamed Rashid Isak (Former Speaker of the Parliament)
  5. Abdirizak Sahane
  6. Farhan
  7. Marwo Rahma Mohamud Haybe
  8. Fartun Abdi Mahdi
  9. Mohamud Heeryo
  10. Ayan Shakuul
  11. Abdi Mahad
  12. Khadar Dheere
  13. Abdi Halim
  14. Maajida
  15. Nasra Hassan
  16. Mr. Miig

So, most of these members are one sub-tribe, namely (Reer Cabdille), and some ladies in the list are their wives. And this denotes that, Cagjar’s vision is to retaliate his predecessor’s family, and to exterminate and chase away them from the government. Because, these members have diplomatic immunity, so he plainly deprived from their political rights, which is against the government system and the international diplomatic conventions.

Moreover, Cagjar is witch-hunting HEEGO YOUTH, and his paralyzed and lame-duck government is defacing them with red herring. And these youths encountered tremendous challenges which range from jailing to torturing without crime, and some others fled their country for sack of fear from the government.

And this draconian rule seems to be denaturalization of this youth. Yet, Cagjar’s government is fully engaged telltaling the previous administration as a loophole and scapegoating for their failure. The region needs even-keeled leader, not bubblehead leader, and the debate of HEEGO youth is not germane to the government’s business. Because, it’s preposterous to the primary responsibility of any government which is, service delivery to the people.


Abiy: The young protégé of warmonger!

The youngest leader in Africa applies double-standard and hypocrisy, because, his pledges and his actions are totally incompatible. He dislodges Tigray and Amhara officials from his government, and he kills and deprives Somalis from their basic rights. But, when he is speaking, he says so many commendable issues. But, his actions are heinous absolutely. And he just wants to obfuscate the world with fake promises and hollow rhetoric.

If you follow-up the news in Ethiopia, you can pick out the reality on the ground. Because, Abiy needs to implement Oromo’s voracious policy, they want to seize and overarch everything in the country.

And this over ambition propels the country to bloodshed and chaos. His truculent demeanor always jeopardizes the gullible Somali community in Ethiopia. And Abiy’s pledges towards democratization and transformation became esoteric, because, so far his capricious actions led the country into havoc and augmented the grudge among the different communities in Ethiopia.

Anwar Abdifatah anwarcade100@gmail.com