Ethiopia’s political environment was exacerbating since 2015, when the demos erupted the country against the previous government led by Hailemariam Desalegn.

Those demonstrations propelled and forced to resign the former Prime Minister Atto Desalegn. Majority of the demonstrations were taking place in the Oromo and Amhara regions under (Oromara slogan). Since then, EPRDF, the ruling part in Ethiopia for the last three decades decided to give the lead Oromo, the largest community in the country.

Former minister of science and technology/Deputy chief of Intelligence Atto Dr. Abiy takes the office in April last year. His nomination becomes ironic and sickening, because, no one was expecting to bestride the country Oromo ethnic group. Historically and contemporary, Oromo leads the country for their first ever in the history of Ethiopia.

Plenty of political watchers were expecting that, Oromo leads the country into the democracy, freedom, fair and square elections as longest they are the majority in the country. Regrettably, the situation becomes blowback, after Oromo starts retaliation against their predecessor.

If we look back what Oromo does for the last months, we can extract how they were fully-fledged to revenge others. After Abiy takes the office, he targets Tigray ethnic group, and he dislodges colossal officers, mainly from Tigray community. In the mean time, he targets Somali community in the Somali region where he attacks Jigjiga, the capital city of the Somali region in Ethiopia where many people were killed and tremendous others were displaced.

The shocking is, Abiy appoints Lemma Megersa, the former president of the Oromo region as the new defense minister, knowing that, Lemma is the one behind the killings of thousands of Somali gullible community in the Somali region. Some political commentators say that, Abiy wants to tighten his personal security. Because, he receives several times a coup against him. Also appoints Gedu Andargachew Mekonen, the former president of the Amhara region as the new foreign affairs minister. This temerity decision that Abiy does creates a new feud among the communities in Ethiopia. Because, Abiy gives consideration just only Oromo, his origin and Amhara, from his mother family and wife. Ostensibly, it’s quite similar to political dynasty.    

Abiy ignores Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)!

Within Oromo, there are different political movements including Oromo Democratic Party, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), QEERROO and others. Both Abiy and Lemma belong same party, namely Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), so OLF, the longest Ethiopia’s opposition was demanding to give a space in the political arena. Daud Ibsa, the leader of the OLF has announced numerous times famously and courageously that Abiy is feeding only his party (ODP), while ignores others. In this respect, someone, who doesn’t fix the internal complaints in his region, how can he tackle the cumbersome situations in the federal level?

The other side of the table, Abiy nominates Shimelis Abdisa, as the new president of the Oromo region. Abdisa was appointed five months ago the chief of Staff at the Prime minister’s Office.

Shimelis is a young person and has no enough experience towards the high political positions.

On the other hand, some political junkies believe that, Abiy demeans Daud Ibsa, the leader of OLF, because, Daud is a Muslim and he has different political tenets against the incumbent Abiy.

The other side of the coin, there were a bloody battle between Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromia Region under Lemma leadership. That battle left enormous death, IDPs and other ailments. The reason was behind that bitter battle was, OLF and Ethiopian federal government reached a political agreement which stipulates that OLF gets a political representation  in the country both federal and regional level. But, Abiy and Lemma shambled to enforce what has been concurred. And now, Abiy employs only his party’s members (ODM) and sacks others.

So, the big question is what was the scathing criticism against Tigray rule, as longest Oromo is doing the same scenario? Because, now Oromo bestrides the political arena in the country and others became whipping boys. The country’s politics became capricious.

Somali region: Departs from Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP) to Somali Democratic Party (SDP).

This party was established in 1998, and had different leadership since then. When Mustafa Cagjar takes the lead August last year, he made outstanding changes. He changes the name of the region from DDSI to DDS, the anthem, the logo and the flag of the party.

Several changes have been made during the latest conference of the party in this month April. Shide was elected again the leader of the party, while Cagjar was elected the deputy leader of the party. In the mean time, the central and the executive committees of the party have been reshuffled. Some regions hadn’t representation from the party including AFDHEER, DOOLO, SHABELLE, NOGOB and others. Since this political exclusion, many regions were demonstrating against this political disparity which is so rife since Cagjar takes the office.

Shide and Cagjar are tended political cleansing from the party against the former regime’s officials in the Somali region led by Abdi Mohamud Omar known as Abdi iley.

Anwar Abdifatah

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect’s editorial stance.