Abiy: Reformist or Warmonger? He is Feeding Oromo and Killing others!

It is disaster and woes that, the Oromo paramilitary militants are killing the innocent people who are originated from Somali ethnic group day after day while (Lemma Megersa) is the President of the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia and Deputy Chairman of the ruling party in the region, (OPDO) and Abiy are kept silent and Oromo are augmenting the brutality!

Highhandedly and Dismissive Policy propels to Politics of Resentment

Since Abiy becomes the new prime minister in Ethiopia, the cruelty, feud and mistrust among the different ethnic groups live in Ethiopia was increasing! Because, the ruthless and brutality policies of Abiy are not pulling the people but it is pushing them away.

Nevertheless, when Abiy takes the power, Oromo instantly embarks to provoke the other ethnics live in Ethiopia including Tigray, Somali, Amhara and others.

Abiy: Employs Oromo and dislodges others!

Within short period of time, Abiy sacks more than 65 Officers, mainly from Tigray ethnic group, and replaces most of them Oromo officers for sack of Nepotism and Political Patronage. This apparent disparity and intrusive action propels the country to fragmentation.

Abiy’s pretexts of reform! What a Baloney!

Just using the word of reform can’t treat the pain, it entails a genuine reflection. Reform wise doesn’t mean to target a specific ethnic group, while feeding and beaming some others.

On the other hand, reform discourse means, giving the people same treatment without bias and partiality. But, the reality on the ground is, Abiy is using only this word for justification purpose, while he is harming all the ethnic groups in Ethiopia except his Oromo ethnic.

Final Game: Oromo vs. Amhara: Who is going to be the CHAMPION?!

After Oromo, sweeps up and oppresses the other ethnic groups, they finally meets with the second largest ethnic group in Ethiopia (AMHARA). Oromo’s ambition is, to overarch the country. So, they are currently trying to pervade their selfishness policy amidst the country.

They started to proclaim that, the national language of the country which is AMHARIC is going to supersede OROMO language. In the mean time, Addis Ababa name is going to replace FINFINI. This unripe and selfishness ambitions freaks out Amhara ethnic group. Immediately, Oromo starts to present their Flag and celebrate the high streets in the capital city Addis Ababa.

When Amhara , who is the longest ethnic group who dominated the country has seen the provocations of Oromo, Amhara embarks the same to celebrate with the GIMBOT 7 flag , which is the Political Movement of Amhara Region.

A flash deadly confrontations erupts the capital city Addis Ababa between Oromo and Amhara Ethnics which causes killings of more than 25 people, plenty of injuries and loss and demolition of enormous properties as reported different media stations both international and local media.

Mean while, United States’s Embassy in Addis Ababa has been closed for sack of these tensions and between Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups and the political turmoil which exists in the country.

Abiy’s Business: Cutting the Internet Service and Locking the Mobiles!

Currently Addis Ababa is lack of Internet Service! Previously, when Abiy was the Intelligence Officer and the Minister of Science and Technology, he was the one who imposed to cut the Internet Service and Lock the Mobiles when any demonstration or any backlash against the government happens in the States (Kilals).so, it is not stunning issue , if he currently applies that policy in Addis Ababa!. Because he tends and behaves this relentless actions.

#Free CMC Mantra is increasing and the Government is Reluctant!

Inside Ethiopia and Abroad, the people are shouting with load voices to unleash and give his freedom back, the former president of the Somali Region His Excellency Atto Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar. The president appears the federal court two times without verdict.

So, it seems they did not find him any punishable crime. Because it is BUM RAP to court CMC only, and the high officers of the ruling party EPRDF in Ethiopia including Abiy are enjoying. Alternatively, there is an immense need for FLAT JUSTICE in order to meet the real mean of Justice

ONLF talks with Ethiopia

Last week, a delegation from ONLF and Ethiopia Government meets in ASMARA, the capital city of Eritrea in order to accelerate the peace talks among them. ONLF demands to get self-determination from the rest of Ethiopia.

As denoted and promulgated Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution, allows Self-Determination.

So, ONLF needs and entails to get this political right which the Ethiopian Constitution permits to the all Citizens.

Additionally, ONLF is celebrating in the Somali region currently, especially , Qoraxey, Jarar and Faafan regions while they are holding their flag and their weapon and they are receiving much kudos!.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher