Abiy’s frail reform under the camouflage, guise, and pretext becomes and ends tabula rasa, hollow rhetoric, vulgar remark, negative feedback loop, and lip service. His diplomatic parlance of feeding his Oromo members of clique and his inner circle of Amhara is totally divorced from reality.  

Ipso facto, Abiy’s overstated, exaggerated and oft-repeated of democratizing and reforming Ethiopia ends ill-intentioned, self-contradicting, self-defeating, self-destroying and self-deluding.

Keeping this in minds, it is crystal clear and self-explanatory that, Abiy’s fiasco is conspicuous, egregious and blatant from now on. Because of his lofty ambition and his unripe actions are utterly and completely incompatible. Abiy tends red lighting and belittling Somali region’s rights and resources, and demonizing Tigray officials under TPLF party.

His political connotation and machination against the naïve Somali community in the Somali region is totally reprehensible and despicable. Because, Somalis are negated from the top federal positions including the federal troops, diplomats, ministers, except AhmedShide, who is currently the federal minister of finance, but he is reckless, clueless and self-aggrandizer when it comes to the Somali region’s affairs. And mostly, he acts like Abiy’s mouthpiece.

In April, last year, 2018, colossal and bunch of people including me were anticipating and foretelling that, Abiy can be the (Game Changer) of Ethiopia’s notorious iron fist rule since its birth. Diametrically, the expectations became blowback. Because the security is shifting from bad to worse, the IDPs peaked and reached out zenith, the vendetta among the different communities with different ethos augmented and ramped up, the human rights and freedom of expressions are dwindling and diluting by day.

Proxy war and Vendetta between Amhara and Tigray via Abiy and Cagjar

The dog eats dog policy and recrimination among Amhara (Chauvinist, Ultraconservative and Triumphalist) and Tigray (Oligarchs, Patronizer, and Diehards) is totally amoral and apocalyptic which can cause dismantling and disintegration of the country. Abiy’s role, as the head of the state, should be mediating and containing the contestation among these two communities. But, unfortunately, he lost his supremacy as far as these vilifying each other’s between Amhara and Tigray through media is conspicuous and flagrant nowadays.

Worst of all, when Meaza Ahenafi, President of Ethiopian Supreme Court evokes that, Tigray/TPLF is not effectively and honestly working with the Federal government when it comes to handing over the criminals to the federal government. After Meaza announced this statement, forthwith Tigray has begun demonizing and character assassinating her via different media platforms by saying (she is brach) and they evoked famously and notoriously nudging her out. So, Abiy acts so meek and mild and lacks to abrogate like this sticky wicket.

I remember Amharic wisdom which says “Ba fiyeel Gize bag atihun” which means (Time of goats don’t be Sheep) so, we can extract this idiom not to act reckless and not to tend no-brainer during the tough moments.

Cagjar dithers becoming Pro-Amhara or Pro-Oromo. Dude!

Far and wide, Amhara, Tigray and Oromo collectively and en masse tormented, killed and downgraded the gullible Somali community in Ethiopia with different times and different guises historically and contemporary. Amhara and Tigray robbed rights and resources of Somalis under Abyssinia rule. While short-lived Oromo petulant and insatiable community is killing and confiscating Somalis rights under the pretext of political transformation.

During July 18-20, 2019 this year, Cagjar attended Amhara’s convention in Bahr dar (Capital city of Amhara State) where he showcased his optimal loyalty to them. And sadly, Mustafa, aka Cagjar witnessed Amhara’s misleading the history of Ethiopia, while they belittled the other communities in Ethiopia including the so-called Somali region.

After I watched the ceremony’s events, I totally disappointed how his gung-ho seems as staunch partner and putty in someone’s hands. Completely and notoriously Mustafa with Amhara in Bahr dar deluded and distorted the history, and they were seeming (Brainchild) of new history in Ethiopia under the watchword of (SOMARA) which means Somali and Amhara, alike (OROMARA) which means Oromo and Amhara, especially during the shambolic uprisings against Tigray rule in 2015-2018.

As observed Toni Morrison, legendary Author and Nobel Laureate dies aged 88 “if there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”

But, I respond to this issue, a wisdom which was narrated by (Joe Frazer), a well-known boxer in America’s quote “You can win mapping the game, but it depends how you reflect” Amhara’s ambition of rehashing their previous patrimonial leadership is dead on arrival.

CAGJAR: Puppeteer locally and Puppet ruler federally!

Mustafa Muhumed (Cagjar) as handpicked and deported leader from Addis-Ababa in August 22, last year has done tremendous mischief during his slight time. As a victim himself, colossal of people were expecting that he will change the narrative of lack of freedom of speech in the Somali region.

His brother was killed by Liyuu Police somewhere in 2016. I confess individually the killing of his innocent brother by the previous administration led by Abdi Mohamud Omar, aka Abdiiley was utterly and completely deplorable and appalling.

After one week, 29, August, 2018 the nomination of Mustafa as the deputy/Acting president of the Somali region, I have written an article which I titled “Welcoming, Emboldening and take care message to the new president in the Somali region” I was very passionate and positive of his appointment, but, belatedly I realized how he is uniquely intolerant and revenge-oriented person.

He arrests dozens of people, more than 400 people in the region’s jail (XABSIGA GOBOLKA), more than 280 people are his predecessor CMC’s family. He dislodged more than 200 civil servants, mainly his predecessor’s family. Moreover, more than 700,000 IDPs are in the camps after Oromo-Armed to the teeth displaced them. He oppresses his critics and dissent voices. He transgresses the human rights and the freedom of expressions which he was advocating before he becomes the Acting President.

The other side of the coin, US Department of State announced July 29 that, its citizens should tread carefully traveling to the Somali region for potential risky, chaos and communal violence

Though this is bias to the Somali region, but the other sickening, dizzying, dumfounded, slap in the face and heretical is, the Somali region’s administration spearheaded by Mustafa Cagjar responded to the State Department which was absolutely political stupidity. Because, when it comes to the International Affairs, the Ethiopian federal government handles and deals with singularly.

On the other hand, some of the insiders confirmed me that, there is a newly born group, mainly the acting president’s kinfolks and another inner circle which is called (Ila-Guji). This notorious group is not part of his government officially, but they receive contracts and other feedings. They act as a parastatal. As a quid pro quo, they share with the acting president information collected from untold sources. Mostly is misinformation and misleading. Their closed doors powwow happened late last month of July. They agreed upon:-

  1. Meddling the inter affairs of the forthcoming Jubbaland’s election, under Farah Moalin’s allude. Farah is the great broker in the Horn of Africa.
  2. Conspiracy and clandestine political shenanigans against Ahmedshide, the chairman of the Somali Democratic Party (SDP)
  3. Starting a widespread Social Media Platforms campaign against the oppositions and the dissenting voices. Ila-Guji acts like Heego under former president’s rule.

Furthermore, Mustafa Cagjar restricts and castigates members of ONLF, in order to demean and downgrade their clout in the region. Because they are freedom fighters and the long-survivors for the sake of defending Somali region’s rights and resources.

These challenges don’t emanate from Cagjar and his kowtowing pseudo administration, but the federal government under Abiy’s lead. Because, Abiy’s aim is inviting ONLF his dizzying system, and later on marginalizing them.

This political intrigue spearheading by Abiy and his sub-contractor Mustafa is totally dead and buried. The other ridiculous part is, Cagjar demonizes, vilifies and jeopardizes his critics, nerds, dissenting voices, linchpins, talking heads and all outspoken who oppose or try to rectify his faults.

As the notorious Ethiopian constitution denotes, especially Article 12, paragraph 3 says” In case of loss of confidence, the people may recall an elected representative” so, it’s crystal clear and self-explanatory that, Abiy and Mustafa Cagjar are failed to lead the country and the region ahead.

Both leaders tended to overstate their personalities by saying “reformists, democratizers ubiquitous or Omni-presents”. This political selfishness deluded them.

I am not negating that there are some lucrative they have done. Such as planting 350 million trees in a day to help tackle the climate crisis on Monday 29, July 2019. Also, Abiy unleashes political prisoners and somehow there is volatile freedom of speech.

On the other hand, the justice system in the country is asleep at the wheel. Because there are colossal of prisoners in both federal and regional jails under bum rap. I remember, an infamous Ethiopian proverb which says “Liji Qamanya, Abat dhamanya” which means (The thieve is the son, and the judge is his father). So, that is Ethiopia’s notorious justice system.

The other slap in the face is, I was watching Jumbotron (Large Video), when Oromo’s delegation visited the Somali region last Sunday 04, August 2019. Let me remember you, the notorious day of, 04, August 2018, is when Oromo-Paramilitary troops under the guise federal forces intruded and encroached Jigjiga, the capital city of the Somali region.

This day, Oromo-Armed to the teeth and Amhara killed enormous gullible Somali community, robbed tremendous properties, while colossal of people displaced. So, why Mustafa Cagjar hosts Oromo members to come to Jigjiga and then propelled them into Dhagaxbuur (Jarar Region) while dancing with them shamelessly? Some nerds believe that Oromo was observing the Somali region’s situation for conspiracy purpose. Cagjar himself was dancing recklessly with Oromo lady.

Really, I totally disgusted that video. In my gut feeling, 04, August 2018 is not celebration day, but its catastrophic and mourning day. And later or sooner it will have tenfold reactions and painful repercussions.

Because, Ethiopia as a mosaic, and not birds of a feather, all the communities should be respected one another. As Article 14 of the Ethiopian constitution elucidates that, “Every person has the inviolable and inalienable right to life, the security of person and liberty” if this constitution’s rights are not regarded, then Article 39, should be invoked and evoked. This article gives the Ethiopian communities collectively the right of (Self-determination), and each community can have plebiscite (Referendum) which they can express their future.

Let me share with you some of the atrocities in Ethiopia under Amhara-Tigray era, in order to sidestep Oromo trying to oppress Somali community. Here I come, during my childhood, I grew-up in Kabridahar district (Korahey region) where I acquired my early education, from class one to class five (Andhanyaa kifil-Amistanyaa kifil) in Amharic. That era was the Tigray rule.

They were castigating the Somalis. When Tigray official see lorry/truck/public transport with Somali passengers, they used to say, descend all of you quickly, and then they take the cars without knowing where they are heading to under what they called (GIDHEESH), this word means, Ethiopian troops can take any vehicle if they want to take from it Somalis simply, and no one can confirm whether they return back the cars or not.

In my early classes in the school, we used to sing “Dhargigii Horeetiyo, Kuwan Daalanee Yimid, Waxay Doonayaan Weli, Dal Gumeysi Weeyee” roughly, this song means, the previous administration (Amhara), and those came lately (Tigray), they are still hankering to enslave Somalis.

So, if Oromo is planning to oppress and take the Somalis rights and resources, then that is the end of their honeymoon.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist/Horn of Africa Geopolitics Analyst and Independent Researcher)   Anwarcade100@gmail.com

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Jowhar.com’s editorial stance.