EPRDF’S Scapegoating Policy Causes Abuses Against Somali Region!

Somali region in Ethiopia is susceptible to any changes which has been taken place in Ethiopia. In this regard, mostly those changes affect them negatively.

For instant, the latest reform in Ethiopia causes to the Somali region plenty of damages including barbaric and riddled killings, mass destruction, jacking, hellish live which Oromo ethnic group is exercising through paramilitary against Somalis.

A part from that, since Abiy becomes the prime minister of Ethiopia, Oromo persists and accelerates their cruel and envious behavior against its neighbor Somali region. In the mean time, Abiy, the prime minister shuts down his eyes and keeps blindness the awful and audacious actions of Oromo against the Somali community in Somali region.

For the last three decades, EPRDF was overarching in Ethiopia, so everything which takes place in Ethiopia, means EPRDF is responsible and permitted. So, the question is, why not flat justice across Ethiopia? Dude!

Abiy’s loopholes policy!

Abiy was served under EPRDF era. He becomes Ministry of Science and Technology and former army intelligence officer. So, the funny thing is, he argues that he is undertaking a democratic reform across Ethiopia while he was part of the previous administration (EPRDF) and this contradicts the flat justice which entails the real and the grass root reform which causes lucrative and fruitful system.

Lemma Megersa, is the master mind behind the massacre against Somali region

Lemma Megersa, is the President (Governor) of the Oromia regional state of Ethiopia and Deputy Chairman of the ruling party in the region, OPDO (Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization), this man is , the one who is behind the permanent killings and attacks of Oromo ethnic group against the innocent people live in the Somali region. But the shocking and stunning is, Abiy is not even condemning the ruthless and relentless actions of Oromo against Somalis.

Somali Region: Soft Target!

When Oromo takes the lead in Ethiopia, they instantly started to retaliate the previous regime in Ethiopia led by Tigray ethnic group. But, they can’t confront the Tigray directly for sack of, Tigray Kilal is strong enough Militarily, Economically, Socially and politically as well. So, they refer their revenge to the Somali community live in Somali region.

The difference and infightings within Somalis paves the way and augments the brutality from Oromo ethnic group over Somalis!

Lack of political agreement among the diversity movements in the Somali region and lack of social cohesiveness propel to fragmentation within the Somalis and diluted and dwindled the unity and the solidarity among them. And this intrusive gives Oromo the opportunity to divide and rule the Somali community.

Human rights watch sides with the Aggressor (OROMO) rather than the Victim (SOMALIS)

When HRW releases its report related the human rights violations which takes place in Ethiopia , especially the Somali region , they condemned only the previous leadership of the Somali region, while they did not say anything about the federal party EPRDF which was running the country for the last three decades! Dude. Apparently HRW is unfair, because everything which was happened for the last thirty (30) years, EPRDF is responsible whether it’s positive or negative.

And all the regional states were applying and mocking the policy of the EPRDF. In this regard, it was fair to be punished collectively the EPRDF party, and know it seems to me “PUNISHING THE ACTOR, WHILE RELEASING THE DIRECTOR!” which means the regional administrations were enforcing the policies on behalf of the ruling party. And this reality on the ground, HRW ignores and conceals.

Ethiopian government and International Communities Ignores the Demand of the Indigenous People!

The federal constitution of Ethiopia and all international conventions permit the Peaceful demonstrations. Respecting these fundamental rights, Ethiopian governments deprived this right the Somali ethnic group and they keep oppressing them. Roughly month and half ago when the Somali region expressed their demand and concern against the envious actions of Oromo through mass outrage and Public backlash, the Ethiopian government rapidly embarked its leverage against the former president of Somali Region Atto CMC which leads ultimately to bow out. The other unfair is, Oromo paramilitary leading by Lemma Megersa, is killing daily and continuously the Somali ethnic group. So, what type of Human rights are we talking about?!

The other stunning and shocking is why the international communities are not giving consideration this atrocity and brutality that Oromo is doing which is against the basic human rights?

Somalis are divided, while Oromos are united!

The other untold ail stories are, with all these violations and abuses of Oromo against the Somali Community, some Somalis are supporting and giving hand with them. Compare to Oromo, there is no a single person from Oromo ethnic who is opposing and against the policy of the ABIY and LEMMA regionally and federal level. This cohesiveness led them to repeal the Ex regime of Tigray which was dominating the country for the last thirty years.


Oromo keeps killing and Somalis augments demonstrations (JUSTICE PREVAILS AND INJUSTICE FAILS)!

Huge rallies are taking place nowadays across the Somali region including FAAFAN, JARAR, QORAXEY, SHABELLE, AFDHEER, LIIBAAN, SITI, DOOLO and NOGOB regions. Demanding to release the former president of the Somali region, and they are having each and every one of them the picture of the Ex-president with this hashtag (#FREECMC) and also they are concerning about the hellish live which the Somali ethnic group live in Ethiopia.

Two days ago, Oromo paramilitary was killed seven people in JILICSANEY, TULIGUULEED and other places under Somali region. Explicitly, Oromo attacks mostly the border regions between Somali region and Oromia Kilal such as BABILI, TULIGUULEED and others.

The new president of the Somali Region embarks his business visiting the churches were burned during the walkout and keeps silent the Somali community’s death toll!

Although it is too early to judge this new administration of the Somali region, but they are reluctant to criticize the brutal and envious actions of Oromo against the Somali ethnic, and this recklessness dilutes and downgrades the confidence and the fidelity of the local people to the new administration.


  • To mop up and divorce the feud among Oromo and Somali ethnic groups in order to invest long lasting solution
  • To refrain and stay away Oromo the permanent killing of the Somali innocent people live in Ethiopia
  • The Ethiopian government must stop the ruthless policy against the Somali region and to offer equally a cherish to all the Ethnic groups live in Ethiopia
  • Oromo must avoid the bogus and fancy conception, which is , that Somalis live in Ethiopia are out born!
  • Ethiopian government must respond the MANTRA which all the people of Somali region are shouting and buzzing these days which is #FREECMC
  • Ethiopian government must avoid the futile policy in order to prevent  another lash out between Somali and Oromo ethnic groups
  • The leaders of the Somali and Oromo regions must meet in order to thrash out
  • All the movements in the Somali region must unite and show solidarity when it comes to their common interest including protecting their people and getting their rights from the Ethiopian government.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher
Email: anwarcade100@gmail.com