Let Farmajo and Kheyre know that they are treating according to adaptation to circumstance, not moral and mental progress!

Are Farmaajo and Kheyre the right leaders at the right time? The former (right leaders) is open to question than the later (right time).


  • Are Farmaajo and Kheyre the right leaders at the right time?
  • What does adaptation to circumstances mean?
  • Isn’t Faysal Cali Waraabe a victim of adaptation to circumstances?
  • Have they come up with a better political vision than their predecessors?
  • Are they more nationalists than their predecessors?
  • What tools left for other political oppositions?
  • Do Farmaayo and Kheyre want to be like China’s Xi who remains in the office ten years? If yes, by what argument?


Are Farmaajo and Kheyre the right leaders at the right time? The former (right leaders) is open to question than the later (right time).

Because I believe that they are both leaders who are there in Villa Somalia at the right time. They are there at a time when unprecedented political changes are taking place regionally and globally.

These are changes that indirectly are making positive contributions to their present and even future political agenda. And I believe, if they cleverly handle this, they may be like China’s Xi. They may likely remain in the office another ten years after their mandate.

They are there at a time when The Waraabe, Ethopia-as Carees Ciise Kaarshe recited in 1970s-is suggesting accompany; unity and brotherhood again in 2018 www.youtube.com.

They are there at a time when America because of the stress caused by power balance from Russia and China’s growing global influence is losing its old western friends. They are there at a time when Britain is making retreat to nationalism and going back what she assumes the old-good days when she was alone.

They are above all there at a time when their local rivals –the so-called regional presidents including Muuse Biixi are taking the last breath because of lack of fresh air from Addis-Abba. All these changes have combined and made the circumstance that Farmaajo and Kheyre have adapted.

But, what does this mean, adaptation to circumstance? Before this, we should ask questions like: Have Farmaajo and Kheyre come up with a better political vision than their predecessors? Have they come to power without corruption? Are they more nationalists than their predecessors? I think, they have already shown on the contrary when we just observe the short time they have been in the office.

What we can see is the Qalbi Dhagax case, the 4.5, Farmaajo’s dirty campaign to the office and above all their reaction to Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. What is visible is a trace of corruption, lack of nationalism and moral and poor political vision. All these imply that they are not the right leaders but they happened to be in Villa Somalia at the right time.

What does adaptation to circumstance mean?

It was G. N. M. TYRRELL who has described what adaptation to circumstance does mean in his book The personality of Man New Facts and Their Significance (1947 p, 13). By warning us against the common error we humans always make when we come to evaluate the behavior of our fellow human beings, he said:  “ I think we must be careful not to mistake adaptation to circumstances for mental and moral progress……………… The disappearance of piracy and highway robbery in Western countries is ‘due to adaptation to circumstances; not to improved morality.

People will adapt their behavior to a highly complex society without becoming morally regenerate; and this gives a false appearance of regeneration”. That is the main reason why many of you have emotionally attributed to qualities that Farmaajo and Kheyre have not yet developed. For example, listen to Faysal Cali Waraabe: ”The young Farmaajo has closed the door to Ethiopia” www.jowhar.com. He is exactly doing what we were advised by G. N. M. TYRRELL- not to mistake adaptation to circumstances for mental and moral progress.

However, their main task is that they personally should regenerate their morality by going beyond the adaptation to circumstance. The other more important task which is before them is to prepare their people not to be the victims of these changes particularly the economic competion that The Waraabe (Ethopia), as Carees Ciise Kaarshe put it, has presented.

Speaking about pragmatic liberal education in his book beyond the university why liberal Education (2014 p, 10-11) Matters Michael S. Roth said: “A reflexive, pragmatic liberal education is our best hope of preparing students to shape change and not just be victims of it”. I don’t know what kind of method that Farmaajo and Kheyre would use for the preparation of their people to this change but I believe this is most important task ahead.

Tools left for political oppositions

When one of most influential legitimate so-called regional presidents Sharif Hassan Sh. Adan was silenced the rest may have begun to dig their graves. I think it is time that the other political oppositions say Abdirahman Abdishakuur, Hassan Sheekh and the like to accept this reality. It means that they should change their conduct with time. I believe it is not too late now.

I know, this is not so easy but that is the fact on the ground. It is the time what sometimes determines how the people should behave. It is not always the moral codes. What they need is to base their arguments to the present reality. The current reality is that the bilateral agreement between not Hawiye, Daarood, Isaaq, Raxanweyn but Wan (Somalia) and Waraabe (Ethopia) is to be implemented. The political oppositions have only one chance left; to say their words not the political part of the agreement but technical part-pros and cons.

Their other duty is the mobilization of popular anarchy so that they would at least use them by peaceful means against the governmental tyranny. They would also discuss the government with the urgent important questions about how Somalis can be prepared for this change so that they would be able to shape the change than to be victims of it. All these questions are open for discussions.

Do Farmaayo and Kheyre want to be like china’s Xi who remains in the office ten years? If yes, by what argument?

Two continuous successions of Princes of virtue achieve great results; and that well organized Republics of necessity have successions of virtueDiscourses on Livy chapter XX www.constitution. . This above mentioned citation is probably going to be their main argument and their source of inspiration.

Although they now believe to be the only virtues they likely to choose the present leader of China Xi Jinping as role model- ten years in the office. They would believe that they are the ones who have started the project and are the legitimate leaders who will end the job. If this will be possible I DO NOT KNOW.

On the other hand, what I am certain is that if they create love among the Somalis by adapting the other wisdom which says,When the deed accuses you, the result should excuse you” Discourses on Livy Chapter IX www.constitution. By doing this, I think, they may have better chance to remain more years in office. Because what Somalis are in need is to love each other, nothing else. And that this is true read the coming dialog which I named after an intellectual dialogue in 2016.

An Intellectual Dialogue

A: How can we Somalis live with this problem, the bare intervention from neighboring countries, Ethiopia and Kenya supported by international community?

B: Have you some suggestions?

A: All right, which is better to be a prostitute or legally married?

B: What do you mean?

A: Instead Ethiopia and Kenya use Somalia as prostitute isn’t it better that they legally marry Somalia, so that they take care of Somalia as their own.

B: Do you think that all husbands take care of their waves?

A: Yes, if the waves obey their husbands.

B: Does a marriage without love produce obedience?

A: When does love come, after marriage or before marriage?

B: What do you think?

A: It comes when the person becomes lovable, it fallows that if Somalia is to be loved and cared of she must not only be lovable but also respectable.

B: But how can she be lovable and respectable?

A: She must first love and respect itself.

Cali Amiin