The capital city of all Somalis across the region becomes jaded. For the last months, the city hosts numerous and perennial explosions which languishes freaks out the people.

The situation became amok. Sad and ordeal! If we backtrack, for the last years, the hope of the people was getting better, because, the business was booming and the people were beaming. Unfortunately, nowadays, the people are dying devoid of perceptible reason which makes the situation appalling. While, the government becomes completely shamble and lame-duck.


Political suicide led into international reluctant!

Since the Somali government expels UN envoy Nicholas Haysom under persona non grata in January this year, the UN dilutes and dwindles to cater for Somalia’s government. Additionally, many UN agencies diminished their support fund towards Somalia.

What’s more, enormous AMISOM troops withdrew their military bases especially Gedo region under Jubbaland Administration which leads to weaken the security. Some political commentators believe that, Somalia’s decision towards expelling the UN envoy was immature decision. Because, such decision needs to contemplate and think twice before taking it.


Unpaid troops led to security fragility.

For the last months, the Somalia troops were bemoaning lack of payment, while, the Somalia government insists that, they paid the salaries. In this regard, several military troops retreated some of their military bases including middle-Shabelle region. This shocking step wreaked to take over Alshabab the vacuum areas.

Several troops have spoken complaining that, they are encountering sharkling as longest they are not obtaining their rights. For the last two weeks, Mogadishu hosts at least ten explosions which have been died closely 50 people and injured tremendous others. The government has no antidote to these perennial explosions. And currently, the situation of Mogadishu is mercurial and quandary!


UAE is bewildering the region!

Since the Somalia government evoked to their intrepid neutral role towards the gulf crisis, the UAE kickstarts meddling and bedeviling the internal affairs of Somalia. UAE begins to provide support the Somalia’s regional states in order to challenge with the federal government.

Furthermore, DP world under UAE starts investing Berbera port-Somaliland April last year, without consent of the Somalia’s government. This impertinent action led to nullify Somalia’s federal parliament UAE’s deal towards Berbera port. Since then, the relation among Somalia and UAE was exacerbating and becoming Punic. Keeping this in mind, some political pundits believe that, UAE engages the unrest and haphazard situation in Somalia.

Anwar Abdifatah

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect’s editorial stance.