My country, Somalia, boosts of infinite natural resources that my people are yet to see their benefits. Oil, natural gas, gold, uranium, limestone (world’s 4th largest reserve), bauxite just to mention a few. Oh, and the longest coastline in Africa, so add fish to the list.

I haven’t forgotten the two permanent rivers and the 40% of the land that is suitable for agriculture. Somalia can actually feed the region according to FAO.

But none of the mentioned above is the subject of my topic. Oil is. Somalia’s reserve is currently estimated at 100 billion barrels. Saudi Arabia’s total reserve is estimated at 224 billion barrels.

So you see, we are already half of the world’s biggest oil producer. By the way, if you wondering what is wrong with somalia, that is the reason. oil. Don’t listen to the tribalism bullshit the international media feeds you.

The other day, a fried of mine ignorantly said to me; Ahmed Dhaladhere, with the world going green and Oil prices plummeting by the day, you are never gonna benefit from your oil like the Arabs. Electric cars are going to be the thing of this century. Petrol cars are a thing of the past.

Allow me to indulge you while I educate my good friend. apparently, he hasn’t been paying much attention. What do you think car plastics are made of? And the rubber on alloy wheels? The insulation on those wires in the electric car? Soil? No! Almost everything you can think of has oil in it somewhere.

Oh wait! What do think produces the electricity that charges your car? Hahaha got you! And don’t tell me gas. it is more than likely gas powered turbines. Or even solar for that matter.

Moreover, all the plastic products you use daily are produced from oil and natural gas liquids. So friend, shut up because you don’t know what you are talking about!

And more good news for Somalia. The global oil industry’s discoveries are at its lowest since 1940s. This is because many oil companies slashed their spending on exploration when the market downturn began in 2014, and they have yet to restore that spending to anything close to pre-2014 levels.

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the 1940s,” Sonia Mladá Passos, Senior Analyst at Rystad Energy, said in a statement published by oilprice.

“We need to see a turnaround in this trend if a significant supply deficit is to be avoided in the future.” warns IEA.

So you see my friend, oil hasn’t seen its end yet. Oil prices have hit above 65 for the first time and it is predicted to reach the 100th mark. The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 and its thirst for energy can only be quenched by oil.

And by the way, oil hasn’t really benefited the Arabs. It just made them fat and arrogant. They are among the world’s least educated. When it comes to technology, they are consumers. Don’t be blinded by their flashy and glittering gadgets.

We Somalis will do well to learn from them and invest handsomely in education, technology, R&D, health and innovation when our time comes and become oil producing nation. We shall not permit our economy to become oil dependent too.

So if anything, I salute our former dictator but patriot, Siad Bare, for declining to sell our oil for giveaway prices to western oil corporations.

we will be having oil when most of the Arabs’ well have run dry. Just imagine selling oil to Arabs of all people!**My his soul rest in peace**

Ahmed Dhere