Every Somali Citizen has the right to elect a political position as indicated in the Provisional Constitution which is adopted August 2012.

Due to that political right, doesn’t mean to create chaos, violence and destructive opposition which is aimed to become only politician.Yes, the constructive opposition is needed as longest you are going to address and fix what is wrong with the rulling authority.

On the other hand, the Members of the Parliament (House of the People) have the right to scrutinize and oversight the work of the Council of Ministers (Executives) and at the same time has the right to elect the president, to give vote of confidence and to give also vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentarians keep and protect the Supremacy of the Constitution as mentioned in the Provisional Constitution Article 4 which says “after the Shari’a, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia is the Supreme law of the Country”.

So any law or administrative action that is contrary to the Constitution may be invalidated by the Constitutional Court, which has the authority to do so in accordance with this constitution, although currently the Constitutional Court is not in placed and alternatively, the High Court is playing that role on behalf of the Constitutional Court.

According to the Political ambition of the Somali Citizens. Each and every one of the citizen has the right of Political Participation, such as the right to form political parties and to participate in the activities of the political parties and has the right to be elected as promulgated in the Article 22 of the Provisional Constitution.

On the other hand, every Somali citizen must keep and present Patriotism and loyalty to the country and promote its development and well-being at the same period to foster national unity in harmony with others as mentioned in the Article 42 of the Provisional Constitution.

Unfortunately, you can see nowadays, that some politicians are expressing their political ambition/will through tribalism manner, pre-determined opposition based illegally procedures and encouraging the people to opposite the newly elected government which is facing enormous challenges both internally and externally for sack of getting political position! And you know a political coalition doesn’t grantee and pave the way to gain all the coalitions political positions.

There is a theory said (Elephant Theory, which means to yellow/shout all the directions to those whose you are opposing for sack of leverage or personal interest) .This time is, the objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, doing good things in Somalia at this time is tough work and it needs Leadership, patient, critical thinking, Unity, Solidarity and Resilient.

As already said Abraham Lincoln “Nearly All Men can stand Adversity, but if you want to test a man give him a power” in Somali we can say ‘Habar fadhida Lagdin la Fudud’. Like this situation don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir