Political socialization is the process by which we learn about the world of politics and develop our political beliefs.

Somalia is where everybody has an access to talk, analyze and predict the politics .There are different factors influences and causes to politicize the social issues such are.

The Family:The House hold has a great role, because the parents and the brothers and sisters discusses and analyze the political arena, and they are updated every time in terms of political environment.

For instant, you can see in the streets a Somali mother has a small business in the streets listening the Media, and if you come to her business to buy something such as Petrol or something else, and at the time you are asking something, she is busy for listening a news and after few minutes, says to you what do you want Mam? , and you say, I have standing in front of you several minutes, and she says sorry Mam, I was listening the Radio, and she tells and shares with you the information that she has got while listening different media outlets, for example, she tells you, do you know Mam that minister of “x” is going to resign for sack of these and these and “y” will be replaced that empty position, which is remarkable! The other Milestone is, sometimes you can get them secret information which is related even what is going on the Presidential Palace.

The Mass Media: -This new type of media uplifted to socialize the politics, because of internet accessibility. Due to that internet availability, it facilitates more people to read more news on social media and they get updated what is going on in the field.

On the other hand, According to a research made in 2017 about African population of internet users’ statistics, 900,000 are Somali users of face book which is big number compare to the other African countries. There’s no more efficient way to disseminate information today than social media. Its fast, has broad reach and is free. But if we’re going to have conversations that matter, we need to find ways to move beyond the screen to talk with each other.

Meanwhile, the Social Media has a lot of negativity to the community, including spreading tribalism, Conflict, hostility, aggressiveness, cruelty and several bad things.

For example, if you follow-up or monitor what is disseminating and posting the Social Media specially the Face book in our Country you can disgust sometimes towards how shameful some people are uploading an information which is totally against the values of the people, their ethnicity, their dignity and so on.

Due to this Social Media, doesn’t has editorial policy like other Traditional Media does, at this digital age there is what we call (Citizen Journalism) which means , previously the crowd/the people were receiving the messages through traditional media such Radio’s and TV’s, but currently the crowd are sending the message through Smart phones and publishing the Social Media and that diminishes the censorship of the information as longest there is no anyone who is editing the information.

Due to that Negativity, some people indicate the Social Media especially the Face book a (Electronic Shaydan) briefly E-Shaydan, as longest is allowing everyone to write and post everything without censorship and without editorial policy. Also spreads mostly fake news which can lead a conflict.

According to the Islamic Sharea, there is a Hadith which is written in (Saxiixul-Muslim) and says,, “The most liar person is, the one who tells the others everything that he/she hears”, so take care!

Like this situation, where all Somalis are society of media, focusing all the time the politics, the government can’t direct them unless it creates a large Employment, Developmental Projects, Social integration such as Sports , which is the only one we have currently and recreational and Trauma healing Programs.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Freelance Journalist and Researcher)