When you are working or some of your colleagues are engaged in the government sector, they tell you so many unacceptable situations in the work environment.

A friend of mine told me” I work with one of the government institutions, one of my co-workers nominated a director of a department immediately after a new minister from his clan appointed to that ministry, some days after, a group of the staff of the ministry whose are the same clan of the new director organized a meeting and invited the director in order to make him feel that they are his side right or wrong from now on, after a conversation, they told him, do you know that you are director on behalf of our clan? , so you need to take care the rest of us.

The man laughed and said before this nomination I was the same clan that you are remembering me isn’t it? So what is new as longest I am the same clan before and after?” And each one try to close the director and to obey his/her order without exception in order to get any chance from the ministry as longest there is no fairness and equal opportunities among the employees.

Due to that, there are enormous issues related to that phenomena and so many others incredible stories in the ground for sack of what is commonly known among our community (Godfather) which means, if you don’t get some of your clan whose are active and engage in the field, it’s hard to gain a job even if you are well educated and well-experienced.

Meanwhile, if you deeply and profoundly observe what is going on in the work environment when it comes to opportunities such as seminars, workshops and trainings, there is widespread injustice among the employees, for instant, if a workshop or training is going to attend, then the one has the final say, director general/secretary or head of department gives that opportunity by clan or interest based or sometimes by exploitation towards the vulnerable people including the ladies.

On the other hand, the worst sector in Somalia is Media sector and some people say (MIHNADDA LA KUFSADAY). Which means, if you are experienced or even asked some of your colleagues engage in this field, they narrate incredible stories, for me, I experienced and involve sometimes this wasted field, first there is no proper recruitment most of the staff, the person he or she joins the station from what we call private schools for three months training of journalism with non-sense lessons, they tell his/her at the end of the training know you deserve to be a journalist because you have good voice and you look so good if she is a lady.

Sometimes I engage this field and I give some training to the local journalists, and there is no absolutely a code of conduct in the media station as well as they don’t keep and protect the ethics of journalism.

Furthermore, this field is the most exploited field, because a teenagers girls has an appetite to this field but little knowledge towards this field when she tries to be part of the journalists, she faces so many challenges including exploitation, I don’t want to deeply explain what I mean exploitation, but you can understand through the meaning and the local context.

Moreover, some of them don’t get salaries, alternatively they accept to get an access to the microphone in order to hunt the market and attend each event so as to collect what is publicly known as (SHARUUR) which is bribery in front of the shari’a and the law of the land as well.

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir (Free Journalist and Researcher)