Week-long meeting 06-11 May, between the Somalia federal government and regional leaders which was held in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland state ended up futile.

After the meeting ends, both the federal government and the regional states leaders demonized and denounced each other.

The regional states accused the federal government that, they are reluctant to reach out consensus as far as the country is federal, while the federal government criticizes the state’s leaders that, they want to stimulate the federal government to their wishful thinking and vested interests.

State’s point of view


  • State’s leaders suggested to return back the Electoral bill which has been endorsed the council of ministries last Thursday 02 May, and currently is under the federal parliament for approval. The state’s leaders persisted to have a say this bill , as longest this bill is going to be the guideline of the upcoming elections in Somalia in 2020-2021. Additionally, the state’s emphasized that, the federal government accelerated the process of drafting this Electoral bill preemptively. Because, they were dodging and running away to have contribution the regional state’s leaders.
  • State’s leaders also insisted to stay away the federal government its intervention to the Galmudug and Jubbaland’s upcoming election. Ahmed Madobe and Xaaf simultaneously denounced the federal government that, they keep meddling the internal affairs of these respective states.
  • State’s leaders also, criticized the federal government that, they are utterly and completely shamble to expedite Mogadishu’s status process. Article 9 of the provisional constitution clarifies how will be the procedure of the Mogadishu’s status by giving the Federal parliament both (The House of the People and The Upper House) to draft a bill regarding to this issue. Yet, the federal parliament doesn’t prepare this landmark bill. And this process of allocating Mogadishu some representation for the political arena in Somalia is good for the political stability and political inclusivity in the country.
  • State’s leaders also rebuked the federal government that, they are not willing to give a quota the regional states the international donations from the world.


Federal government’s point of view

Though, there is no so far any official press conference from the federal government, but some political pundits who are staunch to the federal government say, the regional state’s leaders want to increase their mandates, also they want to make the federal government accepted to their personal interests. So, the federal government rejected, refused, repudiated and abnegated their vested interests, and that is why, this futile among them becomes inevitable, intractable and sustained.

Collateral damage for both of them

If this skirmish, demonizing and pushing back each other continues, then each and every one of them loses. And belatedly, the international community interfere the internal affairs of Somalia, which is utterly and completely disaster.

Because, the hope of the people is recuperating gradually, and the country was bouncing back for the past inconvenient, but this latest standoff amidst the Somalia political leaders languishes and freaks out the citizens drastically.

The race against time in Somalia

The recent days, the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) announces that, they have registered temporally more than 40 political parties, and the commission is going to meet (Universal Suffrage) for upcoming elections in Somalia in 2020-2021 which will be (One Man One Vote).

In this beacon of hope, colossal of people are still planning to establish or join political parties. And this serves, to shift from 4.5 formula, which is totally contradicts and against the democracy and the justice discourse. Since Arta, this formula was/ is gentleman agreement, and all the political power sharing in the country is compatible and based on this formula.

Anwar Abdifatah anwarcade100@gmail.com

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