Somalia’s federal government vs. its federating units

The political skirmish between Somalia central government and its federating units have become unresolved, arguable and nasty events. Both sides are claiming political victory.

The government is strongly repeated that the political idiocy between the center and the units is its final or partial stage when the leader of hirshable regional state have decided to gave up its dismay ambition and to support to the central government after a lot of internal pressures, while the leader of south west have decided to step down after he realized the reality underground. These two events are big discontent to the ire oppositional regional state leaders.

It’s also signal that the center is consolidating its leading position. In addition to that the leaders of puntland, jubaland and galmudmud have decided to continue their bad blood relations towards the center. They also vow to dismantle all the efforts from center until the central government responds their demand.

It’s really a complex and political stalemate.  Any way the president of Somalia has two years and half to define what will be the Somalia future of political stability, he will have to perform mêlées on the four fronts to get there – in deteriorate security, in the political ire of regional state, in Somalia parliament and full filling with his old promise to the public or public expectations.

However Somalia’s constitution had some kind of power distribution between  the Somalia federal and its federation units but there is real confusion between  both sides about every one of his sphere of work. The hallmark of their domestic incongruity  is how both side can work together in these area which including; the completion of Somalia’s draft constitution, dividing Somalia recourses, establishment collect security force and looking for agreeable and negotiable model of the upcoming Somalia  general election .

The political contrast between Somalia federal and its federating units is mounting and growing day after day.  The center said something and the units are saying something else. In Somalia there is a real political ire, rift and stalemate between Somalia s fragile federal government and its ire federating units. This scenario it may be one of the most apt flubs in Somalia politics

In the foreign policy the federal government and its federating units are disagree how they deal the Arab Gulf States crisis. The government at center is claiming a neutral position but its federating units preferring cutting diplomacy ties with the Qatar and supporting the block led by the Arab emirates, Saudi and Egypt.

The center is reluctant to take this unethical demand from the units. In my person view in the issue of the domestic and foreign policy Somalia needs political remedy rather legal settlement because everything in Somalia is in a premature and fragile stage and no one can or could predict what will be in the Somalia political future.

The Somalia president farmojo has misnamed his respect dissent as ire politicians while the dissent called the president and his staunch team as a raking in it  Diaspora group and his regime as political stripped interference regime. The expectations from federating unit leaders were quid pro quo while the federal leader at the center is intending the idea of pink slip towards them.

Its really can be their political business another cup of tea. The current regime leaders are facing many front battles which including returning law order in muqdishu, cementing Somalia community, reactivation all Somalia institutions which had been paralyzed during the long anarchy of Somalia.

The unit leaders also failed to address their local issue which include providing local government the services they expect from them and increasing the span for citizenship participation in the government of their locality.  It’s also upgrading the system of local government and revenue and expenditure.

Howe ever we see the reality underground but the question is how  can we stop this political misconception between the leaders of center and units until all channels of political negotiations reach the level of cryogenically frozen or dead.

In general the Somalia political stability depends on how the Somalia political stake holders behave. In this sense, Somalia is so divided politically socially and even there is mistrust between the center and the units.  The coming days and months will be the months of misunderstanding, escalations and rising pessimistic view.

In Somalia there was a culture of political instability and if we look back the Somalia’s political evolution from past to the present there was disagreement.

In the end of my synopsis the future of Somalia polical stability is in state of flux. The Somalia hasn’t a clear script for the future. It’s time for IGAD and international community to look for the remedy of this political stalemate and not waste a time to the Somalia political leader because they are a law unto their self and they act a way they please.

Researcher, human rights analyst and lecturer of some  universities in Somalia