The skirmish among the FG and its federal units is deepening, while the FG is insisting its knee-jerk actions!

Since the regional states suspended its relations with the federal government, the situation was deteriorating day after day.

Both parties were persisted to its stance, and there is no political compromise since then. Each one of them is claiming that they are in the right track, and they keep demonizing each other through media. Some of the pundits say that the rupture among them is from the constitution. Because, the Somalia constitution is still provisional, so that is why the conflict is escalating and becoming vexed and inevitable.

Both the federal and the regional leaders are unwilling to offer further concessions. Some naysayers said that the president Farmajo was focusing and concentrating to have a good relationship with the neighboring countries including Ethiopia, and Eritrea in order to isolate and give up the regional states.

The regional president of Hirshabelle administration Mr. Waare sided already with the federal government, while Mr. Sharif Hassan, the former president of Southwest administration ordered forcefully to resign.   

Mursal relocates to another place for looking for freedom!

The speaker relocated a hotel which is located the airport road. Since the current speaker of the parliament, especially the house of the people his Excellency Mursal submitted to the motion of impeachment against the president, another political resentment was begun.

Because, the federal government was handling previously to its split with regional states, so this new political infighting can further and overload the challenges that the federal government is confronting. Moreover, the federal government is persisting its single-minded actions, relentless and ruthless policy towards its opponents in order to overcome everyone who is against them.

Robow’s arresting fuels the conflict and creates uproar and public backlash!

The Ethiopian troops attacked and arrested former Alshabaab player Mukhtar Robow who is known as Abu-Mansoor days ago. The federal government was already rejected the candidature of Abu-Mansoor and justified that he is still missing some requirement, but Abu-Mansoor ignored and abnegated that evocations.

Some reports are saying that Abu-Mansoor was brought in Mogadishu. Some politicians are supporting not to allow him to contest the election including the former president of Somalia his Excellency Hassan Sheikh. Because, he mentions that Abu-Mansoor is under process of vetting.

The arresting of Abu-Mansoor is interpreted into several ways, some political commentators say, Abu-Mansoor will face the same was did his previous colleague Hassan Dahir Aweis who is still under house arrest since years ago. Furthermore, when the local people in Baidoa, the temporary capital of Southwest Administration heard that Abu-Mansoor was arrested by Ethiopian troops, they immediately started mass outrage and public backlash against the federal government.

Some news said that the situation becomes haphazard, disarray, intractable and wanton. Because, the local people were having guns and some parts of the city was hearing the sound of the bullets. Credible sources are saying that, so far 11 people were killed in Baidoa, including one Mp and 4 Ethiopian troops, and the federal government ordered to take over Ethiopian troops the control of the city!  

Afwerki visits Mogadishu: Blessing or Curse?!

The president of Eritrea his Excellency Isaias Afwerki arrives Mogadishu Thursday 13 Dec, and he receives warm welcoming and then escorted to the presidential palace. His arriving had different interpretations, some political commentators say that, his visit was part of the empowering and accelerating the agreement among the three horn of Africa states which was improving the last months.

While, some other pundits say, the president’s visit is paving the way to deploy new Eritrean troops in Somalia, so there is conspiracy! If not, why our president is eschewing to bring the agreement of the three leaders in front of the parliament? Because, our system of government which is federalism, a bill can be an act when the parliament endorses. regrettably, the majority of the Somali people aren’t aware of what is going on in the region and they are very vexed with the political arena.

Because, the Somali president his Excellency Farmajo didn’t yet explain deeply what they agreed upon the three leaders. So, as already said William Shakespeare “A devil can cite his own scripture”, because, if there is no clarity, everybody perceives his/her own interpretation.

The motion against the president

Farmajo shocked the impeachment motion against him. Because, he was thinking that he is doing the best, and that is why he didn’t yet reacts the motion. Over 90 Mps were signed the motion, but after days, the secretary general of the house of the people said, 14 Mps withdrew the motion and now the motion flops.

But, the speaker of the parliament is insisting that the motion is still alive and will be processed according to the constitution and the rules of procedures of the parliament. Furthermore, the Mps signed the motion were accusing the president galactic issues including for treason, political intrigue, usurping power, meddling of the southwest internal affairs, especially the upcoming election, the extradition of ONLF commander Qalbi-dhagax to Ethiopian government.   

The other side of the coin, some naysayers says that the federal government is deluding the people. Because, the parliamentary committee on finance was accused the ministry of finance, the misplaced and not counted properly $42 million. So, what is going is just corruption loophole which is aimed to avert the crowd from the reality on the ground.

Jama’ is currently lack of escorts!

Credible sources say, that the former deputy of the national intelligence agency Jama’ was taken by his staff and car by the intelligence. When Jama’ was replaced, the current speaker of the parliament nominates him, his adviser for sack of political protection. Since then, jama’ was enjoying his staff and car. Jama’ was talked the current political resentment among the top leaders of the federal government, and he supported the decisions of the speaker of the parliament his Excellency Mursal. So, some pundits say, that he is suffering because of that.


Political resentment fizzle outs the hope of the citizens!

The election of the current president his Excellency Farmajo was welcomed the Somali people unanimously. During the campaign, Farmajo promised several things including, that he will prevail Alshabaab within two years; he will not pursue road blocking and others. So, what has been achieved during his two years and half in the office? Alshabab is still dominating some parts of the country. The permanent roadblocks become one of the current government’s businesses.

The political instability is increasing rapidly. Though, there are several attainments that his government achieved including the restoration of the Somalia’s civil aviation control, paying permanently the civil servants salaries, the diplomatic relations with the neighboring countries, increasing the nation budget and others. Regrettably, when African politicians are campaigning, they say a lot of beautiful promises and fetching issues, but when they take the power, the incumbent maintain status quo and don’t accept dissidents! Dude!


Political misbehave: Replacing its predecessors becomes business of the successors!

The Somalia political corridors is accustomed, tended and behaved to change its previous administration. And this intrusive and fixed minded policy wastes bulk money and time, while also serves to back and forth process. Additionally, it curbs and dilutes the way forward.

If we observe and immerse deeply the federal government’s actions, they are aimed to change or obey them the leaders of the regional states. Waare, the Hirshabelle president is already abides the federal government’s decisions, Sharif Hassan, the former president of Southwest administration was forced to resign, Xaaf, the president of the Galmudug state is under political turmoil. So, some political analysts say, Ahmed Madowe, the president of the Jubbaland state and Gaas, the president of the Puntland state will be the next victim! What a political instability!


Way forward!

  • There is a mammoth demand for political instability in the country
  • It must be clear cuts of the roles among the three arms of the state
  • Separation of powers must be abided
  • Accelerating the amendment of the provisional constitution
  • There is an immense need for collaboration, because working together works
  • Political infighting leads jittery and confusion within the government institutions and exasperates the crowd as well.
  • There is a drastic need for forward not back and forth
  • To reach out political compromise can antidote political instability

    Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
    Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher