Kismayo is now the hottest place to be at the moment with all the who of who political world of Somali opposition attending the inauguration of Jubbaland re-elected state president Ahmed Madobe.

However, a key absentee was the federal government of Somalia which does not, despite meeting the requirements according to most politician experts, recognise the recent election in Jubbaland. The federal government views it as an election which was solely run by the state president Ahmed Madobe.

The inauguration is being attended by figures such as ex presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and President Hassan Shiekh Mohamud and other opposition figure’s such as Abdirahman Abdishakur and Puntland State President Sayiid Deni.

The inauguration was meant to take place on the first week of October but was delayed when the federal government had banned any flights going to Kismayo city, the temporary capital of Jubbaland state of Somalia. This has caused an uproar with Former President Sharif Ahmed becoming a casualty of the ban after being refused to board a flight scheduled to Kismayo.

The ban, which was unconstitutional, has attracted a wave of critics of the federal government, who view their actions as dictatorial symptoms and lack of respect to former head of States with president Farmaago and his prime minister Hassan Ali Kheyre actions described as draconic steps.

Many see the actions of the federal government as trying to seek an extension through the justification of “political turmoil” thus requiring the president to release a decree for 2 year extension. How this will be welcomed will be the critical factor as opposition are keeping an eye out on this.

Ahmed madobe will soon be inaugurated in Kismayo in the presence of ex presidents, political parties, federal member states, international delegates and the biggest blow to the federal government will be if the international partners such as the EU and UN, Britain and America end up leaving for kismayo to attend or congratulate on the ceremony. This will leave the federal government of farmaajo isolated and evident that they do not have any jurisdictions over the country thus weak and vulnerable.

What is the conclusion?

The inauguration had taken place under heavy guard in Kismayo as Ahmed Madobe sworn to lead Jubbaland state for the next 4 years. The stage was set for the opposition to take a dig on the dictatorial route the presidency of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo had taken with imitation of the Siyad Barre regime.

Political heavyweights such as Hassan sheikh mohamud and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Puntland State president Sayiid Deni, Abdirahman Faroole and many others all spoke with a replicate tone and speech of “Talk to us regarding the affairs of the state” and “No extension” to Villa Somalia.

The farmaago administration is accused of sidelining political parties, civil societies and clan elders regarding the affairs of Somalia and the international deals the government signs. Farmaajo is accused of signing off Somali ports to Ethiopia and Qatar in exchange for political ambitions.

The only option at the moment which will require confidence is to consider whether to compromise in the long standing feud with Ahmed Madobe and the opposition which has has added to a long list of controversies to a somewhat bumpy rollercoaster first term for President farmaajo.

As much as this may shake the villa Somalia foundational tier of “no compromise,” it will at least show true governance and willing to work with oppositions for the sake of the sovereignty of the state.

President farmaajo must now refocus and concentrate on the the framework for the 2021 presidential election as timing is running out very fast. Extension will not be welcomed by clans and parties as the memories of the Siyad Barre regime are still fresh wounds.

Mohamed Hassan