You can learn in local! Motivational

In this exceptional internet age beats the excuse of I can’t learn or study. The internet facilitates and simplifies to learn and study everything in your home. Previously,

it was compulsory to study or learn via physical attendance or reading books, listening radios and watching TVs and so on. Personally, I was interesting since 2002 to learn English in order to understand more than 1.5 billion English speakers across the world. But, it was quite hectic! Because, I joined an English private school which learns this language. Unfortunately, the way of teaching and learning was absolutely and completely against the international benchmark of learning.

In any language, you have to be fluent within six months, and this means, you must meet with a good mentor and at the same time, you must be committed and determined to learn. Because the good teacher provides you the easiest and sophisticated way to learn. But, our local private schools, were teaching us what they say twelve tenses, and they were focusing only grammatical instructions rather than vocabularies and practicing. Nevertheless, I graduated in 2004 from that school and awarded me a certificate of completion after two years of nothing much I learnt.

Additionally, the funny part was the pronunciation which was mostly wrong. For instance, the word (deaf), they were telling us to pronounce (DHIIF), which was the biggest mistake and misleading that they were conveying us! The correct pronunciation of that word is (DHEEF). Moreover, I was struggling since then to learn this language in a more accurate and sophisticated way. I embarked to listen plenty of time to the radio’s especially, Voice of America (VOA), notably, (Special English Program) which was broadcasting after Isha Prayer in East Africa Time. This program was very fetching and understandable to me and you as well.

Because short stories were included such as (American History), I was listening that program every night. A few months later, I felt that I am evolving and getting better. And in 2009, they published a book call (VOA Special English Word Book) which carries 1500 words and their meanings and you can find the internet by just searching it. So currently, I am going to bequeath you some hints and tricks which you can learn it simply and smoothly.

Befriend the Internet especially YOUTUBE

Everything is available in the YouTube, so you just need to click on! Additionally, there is a need to denominate just what you are going to know about it and click on search button, immediately you receive a response. Particularly, there are number of mentors who are dedicated and ready to teach online anything you want to know including the languages. So, don’t hesitate to adopt and interact with this amazing, lucrative, fruitful and outstanding media platform.

Superstition, hype and Stereotypes related that you can learn any language solely within its environment!

There are plenty of people who believe and tend saying you can learn any language only within environment or country, this is absolutely and perzactly misconception. So, you need to prevail that kind of bogus conception. For instance, if somebody lives in non English speaking country, and committed to learn English language, then it’s doable and viable. Because, you have you tube which you can get an online learning platform with different mentors and different accents.  

Stop, Avoid, run away and abnegate grammatical rules!

Whenever you are learning any language not only English, you have to ignore and stay away to focus the grammatical rules. Because, it restricts and dilutes you to learn the language smoothly and quickly.

And this doesn’t mean that you completely and eternally ignoring the grammar, but it mean learn the grammar with the sentence. In addition to that, in this age when you are writing mostly employ and use simple present and near future (going), which means ignore simple past and simple future, past perfect or future perfect!.

For example, if you are going to say (he has written a book, he had been written a book or he had been writing a book) is quite easy and understandable to indite (he writes a book), because this last sentence is much deeper and understandable, and at the same time ignites the emotion of the person. So, present active tense is paramount when it comes to writing skill.

Immerse profoundly something interests you

The nature and the interests of the human being is different one another, so you entail to be busy and interact with the things that make you feel happy when you are engaging it.

For instance, some people like and interest watching movies, some others feel happy watching television, some others prefer listening radio talk shows, some others interest reading newspapers and magazines , some others like engaging utmost with the You tube, so, any kind of person you are , you need to be dedicated and committed to learn the language via those interests.  

Learn and Memorize ten new words everyday!

As a non-native learner, you need to learn only prosaic language; you don’t need to learn the poetry. So, if you gather and memorize everyday 10 new words, which will be 900 vocabularies in 3 months 900, then you can speak, write, read and understand the English. Because, it estimates the most frequented words in English, approximately and roughly1000 words.

And, I hope if you persist and keep doing and applying that tricks, you become fluent within short period of time.

Later on, when you reach to use one word in many others similar words, then you evince your level of the language. For example, the word (Important), you can have several other words which are equal to this word, for instant Key, Crucial, Pivot, Landmark, Paramount, Critical, Vital, Significant, Jugular vein so on and so forth.  

Employ the words! Listen more and speak a lot

If you learn more vocabularies and memorize it at the same time, but you don’t use those words, you fizzle out! So, you have to write a lot in order to deploy and employ the words, and in the mean time, you must make more practice in order to adopt using the words. The more you listen, the more you speak and the more you read, the more you write.

Furthermore, tend and accustom to read articles dramatically, because you can extract or pick out new vocabularies and at the same time, you can learn how to construct and associate the sentences.

Use English to English Dictionary!

In our old version of learning English language is, to use English to Somali Dictionary, and this propels and misleads us to wrong direction. So, you have to take care it! Because it deludes and dilutes the right path to learn the language.

Use English to English Dictionary, because, you can have different meaning within one word, and at the same time, you can find other similar vocabularies which are complying and meeting up the same meaning.

Speak among the Crowd! Don’t be shy off and don’t excuse your level of English!

You need to divorce shying to speak and practice among the crowd. Additionally, don’t excuse if you are not perfect the language at the beginning, but alternatively keep and sustain learning.

Because, learning a language is a journey not a destination! Know that, no one was innate or inborn with perfect! Additionally, don’t compare your level of English to somebody else, who maybe speak fluently as longest he/she lives in English speaking country or who commenced learning the language before you, otherwise you encounter demoralization, languish and fed up!. Be patient, keep up, accelerate and uplift your learning, and later on you beat that person!

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher