As the UN seeks to mediate a ceasefire, opposing forces in Sudan engage in conflict within the capital.

Both of Sudan’s warring factions claimed to have made progress on Monday, as continued violence caused power and water cuts in the capital.

The United Nations envoy to Sudan stated that neither side showed any willingness to negotiate, with fighting between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) resulting in the death of at least 185 people and injuries to over 1,800.

The deadly power struggle between the army and RSF has halted the shift towards civilian rule and raised the threat of a wider conflict.

The two sides shared power during a challenging political transition after veteran leader Omar Bashir’s 2019 ousting.

The RSF was due to merge with the army under an internationally supported transition plan. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were working on a ceasefire proposal forSudan.

The European Union said its envoy toSudanwas assaulted in his own residence on Monday.

UN chief Antonio Guterres and aid chief Martin Griffiths called for a return to calm, emphasizing the catastrophic impact the situation has on an already precarious humanitarian situation.

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