Ban on imports that drive deforestation adopted by EU Parliament.

The European Parliament has passed a new EU law on Wednesday, which will prohibit imports that are driving deforestation.

This shows the bloc’s trade power and support for the global fight against climate change. The law will apply to coffee, cocoa, soy, timber, palm oil, cattle, printing paper, rubber, and derivative products from countries worldwide.

Imports that are sourced from deforested land after December 31, 2020, will be prohibited in the EU market.

Firms that sell such products to Europe will need to present a certificate confirming that they do not come from such areas.

The European Union is the second-largest market for the goods after China. The EU legislation aims to end imported deforestation, which is responsible for 10 percent of deforested land across the world.

The incoming law is considered a vital first step, but campaign groups highlighted the need for further action, such as stopping the funding of deforestation by banks.

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