Burkina Faso: twenty civilians killed in two attacks by suspected jihadists

In the north and west of Burkina Faso, two attacks by suspected jihadists left at least 22 dead on Friday, including twenty army aid workers. These attacks come two days after around 20 civilians died in the north and east of the country under similar conditions.

New deadly attacks in Burkina Faso. 22 civilians, including twenty army aides, were killed on Friday, July 7, in two attacks by suspected jihadists in the north and west of the country, AFP learned on Saturday from security and local sources.

“The village of Kogsablogo”, located near Boulsa, the capital of the province of Namentenga (Centre-North region), “was the subject of an attack on Friday by terrorist groups”, a reliable source said.

“The balance is sixteen volunteers for the defense of the fatherland (VDP, civilian auxiliaries of the army) fallen (killed)”, specified this source.

“In their response, the elements also inflicted casualties on the enemy,” she added. Confirming the “attack” which “targeted the local VDPs”, a resident said at least two civilians had also been killed and two others injured.

“The attackers also burned houses, carts and motorbikes as well as the market”, this resident continued, calling for a “large-scale military operation in Namentenga province, which is experiencing an increase in attacks”.

Intensification of jihadist violence

According to another security source, another attack took place the same day in Fô, a town in the province of Houet (Hauts-Bassins region, west). “Four VDPs from Kiébani village were killed in this attack,” she said.

According to residents of the town contacted by AFP, Fô, which has been subjected to jihadist violence for several weeks, is “depleting its people day after day”.

Burkina Faso has been caught in an escalating spiral of jihadist violence since 2015. On Wednesday, around 20 civilians were killed in two attacks in the north and east.

On June 26, at least 71 men, including 31 soldiers and 40 civilian army auxiliaries, died in three attacks by suspected jihadists, the two deadliest of which took place in Center-North province.

The violence over the past eight years has killed more than 10,000 civilians and soldiers, according to NGOs, and displaced more than two million.

The country has been led since the end of September 2022 by Captain Ibrahim Traoré, who came to power in a coup, the second in eight months, and who has shown his determination to fight the jihadists despite the many attacks.


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