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World Population Day; Challenges and opportunities.

July 12 ( On 11 July each year, countries worldwide celebrate world population day. This day is special in that it gives them an opportunity to bring the essential concerns affecting their population to the public's attention…

Somali Clan Politics: Anti-autocracy despite anomalies

Somalia clan politics existed throughout its history. After independence, the governance system was structured based on clan lines where domination and usurpation of rights by certain clans were recorded in that period.

A protracted political limbo: What is at stake?

The electoral process in Somalia has been dragging on since the last year due to multiple delays caused by stand-offs between politicians and technical teams. This drama seems endless as deadlock continues to disrupt the process in every…

Farmajo’s Slim Chance For Re-Election

Being the most popular politician among presidential candidates at the time helped him get elected in 2016/2017 elections. Today things are different, and people are arguing about his presidential departure and post office life. For the…

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