China’s Xi To Join G20 Leaders Summit In Rome Via Video Link

Chinese President Xi Jinping will participate in the summit of leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) in Rome from October 30 to 31 through a video link, according to a notice from China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday.

He will give a speech at the summit, the ad said. Xi has not left China since early 2020, when the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent.

A handful of other key leaders from wealthy G20 nations, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, will not attend in person. Hosts Italy expected all leaders to meet face to face at the summit.

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that he will attend in person.

The G20, whose countries account for 80% of global carbon emissions, is seen as a major stepping stone ahead of the United Nations’ COP26 climate summit in Scotland, which begins on Sunday.

Xi is also not expected to attend COP26 in person, which could indicate that the world’s largest CO2 producer has already decided it has no more concessions to offer at the UN COP26 climate summit in Scotland after three major commitments. since last year, weather watchers said. .

The G20 also aims to underscore that rich countries should contribute $ 100 billion per year to help poorer nations adapt to climate change.

This target was supposed to be reached in 2020, according to an agreement reached in 2009, but has not been met.


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