Conflicting factions in Sudan reach a 24-hour agreement on ceasefire as the battle continues into its fourth day.

According to reports from Arab media, the Sudanese army and rival forces, who have been engaged in battle since the weekend, have agreed to a temporary 24-hour ceasefire.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in chaos across Khartoum and other parts of the country, with millions of civilians forced to stay indoors amidst the crossfire.

The top military officer Shams El Din Kabbashi confirmed that the military would respect the ceasefire.

This comes after a U.S. Embassy convoy was attacked, raising concerns of further violence. Clashes between the rival forces have so far caused over 185 deaths and 1,800 injuries, with the toll expected to rise further.

The violence has also resulted in the looting of shops and homes, assaults on diplomats’ residences, and the destruction of security service buildings and military aircraft.

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