ECOWAS Ultimatum to Nigerien Coup Leaders on the Verge of Expiry

Last Sunday, West African leaders set a one-week ultimatum for the military junta in Niger to “return to complete constitutional order,” stating that they do not exclude “resorting to force” if this is not the case. Follow the situation in Niger live.


Voice have been raised in Nigeria against a possible military intervention in Niger. Explanation from our correspondent in Abuja, Moïse Gomis.

Pressure from the international community is increasing on the coup plotters who seized power in Niger, just a few hours before the end of the ultimatum set by the West African bloc (ECOWAS) on Sunday.

On July 30, four days after the attempted coup against elected president Mohamed Bazoum, ECOWAS gave the coup plotters seven days, until Sunday evening, to reinstate him in his functions, under threat of using “force.”

Several West African armies, such as Senegal, have stated that they are ready to send soldiers, as well as Côte d’Ivoire, according to a source close to the Ivorian delegation in Abuja, who did not specify the potential number of mobilized men.

In Mali and Burkina Faso, the coup plotting military have warned that they would stand in solidarity with their Nigerien neighbor.

1:17 am: Algeria categorically refuses “any military intervention” in Niger

“Military intervention in Niger is a direct threat to Algeria. We categorically refuse any military intervention,” said Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune during a televised interview with the Algerian press broadcast on Saturday evening.

He emphasized that “there will be no solution without us [Algeria]. We are the most concerned.” He pointed out that Algeria shares nearly a thousand kilometers of border with Niger.

Recap of the day on August 5th

France, through Minister of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, stated on Saturday, August 5th, that it firmly and determinedly supports ECOWAS’ efforts to thwart the coup attempt in Niger.

This declaration comes on the eve of the end of an ultimatum from the West African bloc, which says it is ready to intervene militarily. Furthermore, the French Foreign Minister stated on RFI that the questioning of the French anti-terrorism device in the Sahel is “not on the agenda.

” In Nigeria, voices have risen, even in the Senate, to ask President Bola Tinubu, head of the West African bloc, to reconsider the idea of a possible military intervention in Niger.


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