Mogadishu: Dead Man Walking!

What we have seen and witnessed for the last couple of days was panic, anguish and shocking!

A 9 years old girl while on a school bus was killed by the government troops after they opened fire into traffic jam for sack of just to make way for their vehicle!

These brutal and intrusive actions tend and behave the troops when they are passing the streets! Her father says” my 11 years old son , who was also in the bus with Deqa, came home crying and shouting and told us that she had been shot dead.

I ran to see the dead of my daughter! I shocked when I saw the scene of the incident. He adds “it was shocking to see the dead body of my daughter. I am helpless and need justice for my daughter. I need the killers of my daughter arrested and brought to justice.

Another ail story is, a young educated man is also killed by the government soldiers in Banadir junction during nowadays! For just the same justification of clearing the road. The government’s troops tended and accustomed this brutality of killing permanently the innocent people with a simple reason of crossing the roads!

Another shocking and painful story is, a woman was killed by unidentified groups while she was attending a class. This is a horrific story which demoralizes and freaks out the people!

Last night, two consecutive car explosions happened in Dabka junction. At least two people have been died and several others injured as confirmed the health officers. These days, the security is getting fragile and deteriorating!

Another unprecedented story is, a man was burned and killed in Mogadishu days ago, for sack of one of his nephew married with a girl from another clan. He receives a plenty of intimidating messages from the lady’s relatives.

This intrusive and audacious action serves, contributes, exacerbates and worsens the racism and pervades a feud among the Somali family.


  • Take abolition before you depart from your house
  • Recite a Qur’an especially (Aayatul kursi) for protection and pray Allah permanently for Safety
  • Take identification Card (ID) for identification purpose
  • Avoid sitting in front of the restaurants/hotels for hazard prevention

Anwar Abdifatah Bashir
Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher