President Farmaajo Spends The Night In Marka

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ spent the night in Lower Shabelle’s Marka town, where he paid a surprise visit yesterday. The president timed his trip to coincide with the first anniversary of the deadly October 14 Mogadishu bombing, which was well commemorated in the capital on Sunday.

During his stay in the coastal town, President Farmaajo held various meetings with traditional elders, security forces and local authorities, discussing a range of issues including improving the town’s security and stability. Meeting traditional elders from two rival clans who fought over the control of the town a number of times, President Farmaajo urged them to end their differences peacefully and to unite in strengthening peace and peaceful co-existence.

The president had a moment of fun mingling with the locals and was seen drinking a cup of tea at a local tea shop with some of the area people. He also visited the area beach and played football with children. The president’s helicopter landed at the AMISOM base in El Jaalle before he had entered the town.