Qatar Charity Implements Health Projects in Somalia during First Half of 2018

Doha, July 08 (QNA) – Qatar Charity, with the support of the people of Qatar, has implemented a number of health projects in Somalia during the first half of this year in coordination with the Somali government.

In a press statement, Qatar Charity said that the health services offered in Somalia include the construction of clinics, the conduct of medical convoys for disaster relief and the provision of first aid, pointing out that priority in intervention is given to the most needy areas and population groups.

Qatar Charity said that during the first half of 2018, it carried out two important health projects, Al Shifa Hospital in Mogadishu, which receives daily more than 80 cases and provides medical services and free medicines, and a clinic in Wadajir District in the city, which provides primary healthcare services in addition to maternity and nutrition services for children under the age of five, and benefits 120 people a day.

Qatar Charity said it would soon open Elesha Biyaha hospital in Lower Shabelle, which has a high population density and lacks the presence of a public hospital that provides health services for the local population.

Qatar Charity also announced five other health centers within multi-service centers to be implemented in other cities during the second half of 2018 and until the beginning of next year.

In a related context, Qatar Charity will launch medical convoys to the camps in the capital Mogadishu in July and August to provide free health services to the displaced, through an integrated health team, and distribute some medicines for the targeted cases. (QNA)