Ethiopia’s Ambassador Highlights the Importance of Increasing Coffee Exports to Japan

Ethiopian coffee association, coffee growers, and trade societies should play a significant role in expanding coffee exports to Japan and other countries, thereby becoming more competitive in the international sector, as stressed by Ambassador Daba Debele.

Coffee is the highest source of foreign currency earnings in the country. Thus, besides government institutions, the role of the Ethiopian coffee association, coffee growers, and exporters is crucial.

The Ambassador made the above statements during the discussion held on the lessons drawn from the expo at the Embassy following the conclusion of the World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2023.

Appreciating the Embassy’s effort, Ethiopian Coffee Association President Desalegne Jenna urged concerned bodies to come together and join forces with the embassy to properly utilize the coffee sector.

During the 2023 expo, the Ethiopian Coffee Association, along with the Embassy, coffee exporters, and growers, conducted a showcase of a variety of Ethiopian specialty coffee beans, as well as the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, supported by visual and video explanations.

Over 45 Ethiopian coffee growers and exporters took part in the event, which was organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ), while approximately 45,000 participants, including coffee growers, exporters, importers, and processors from around the world, attended the event.

Ambassador Daba held a fruitful discussion with the Deputy President of JETRO, Kazuya Nakajo, about ways of enhancing coffee trade between the two countries.

Besides promoting Ethiopian coffee, side discussions were also held with representatives from Marubeni, Mitsui and Co Ltd, as well as Japanese high-level coffee growers and exporters, aiming to improve coffee exports to Japan.

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