Fishermen in Uganda Warned: Nobody is Exempt from the Law on the Lake

Gen Bakasumba issued the warning as he presided over the pass out of 65 trainees who completed the Marine Basic Induction Course at the Marine Training School, Kalangalo,Wakiso District.

Bakasumba said that mostly fishermen are found of carrying out unknown businesses including illegal fishing and turn against the marine Officers who come to enforce the Law which is unacceptable

“When it comes activities done on the lake, no one is above the Law. We shall continue our operations through the officers and ensure whoever is found guilty, will be charged in the courts of law,” he said.

He also commended the UPDF Marine Brigade for the successful engagements in monitoring water bodies during their foreign missions in Somalia and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“Africa as a whole is greatly affected by diverse conflicts. We need to have the capacity to support interventions at different levels at the right time. We are moving steadily in tackling all our security concerns and providing African solutions to African problems,” Bakasumba said.

The Commander Marines Brigade, Brig Michael Nyarwa said that the brigade takes training as crucial for the efficient and effective accomplishment of missions and tasks.

“Our training schools ensure that everyone is trained and enable our personnel acquire the skills that allow the Marine Brigade succeed in supporting the UPDF to achieve its constitutional obligations of providing a safe and secure environment for social economic development,” Brig Nyarwa said.

He added that the Marines Brigade was created to secure national waters and guard onshore and offshore resources in line with the principles of the blue economy.

The Commandant of the Marine Training School at Kalangalo, Lt Col David Kararira said that the trainees went through basic maritime navigation, international maritime law, Kiswahili language, swimming PE, SAA, Mil Law among others.

“You are dependably expected to be the solution to the problems of the marines and the entire UPDF and it will be your conduct to sail you through. Please, take pride in yourselves and in the Marine Brigade with a view of projecting yourselves for better achievements.”

Lt Col Kararira added that the vital aspects are meant to support an individual soldier for a positive wholesome contribution to the entire Marine Brigade force capacity building and urged the trainees to maintain the ethics of the brigade.

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