France’s Papadakis and Cizron win ice dancing gold in Beijing

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Ciceron laid heartbreak in Pyeongchang, as the French figure skating duo claimed their figure skating gold with a world record at the Beijing Olympics on Monday.

Russia’s doping test Camila Valeeva overshadowed the figure skating events almost completely, but the brilliant French duo shone through the darkness, finishing with a record total of 226.98.

A wardrobe malfunction cost them the title four years ago in Pyeongchang, which saw them hold the silver medal behind Canadian icons Tessa Vertu and Scott Muir.

But there were no mishaps in a nearly flawless dance at the Capital Indoor Stadium which scored 136.15 points and brought the competing athletes and coaches to their feet with a standing ovation.

Skating on the dramatic piano and cello music of Gabriel Faure’s Elegie, the four-time world champions once again wowed with their seductive silky dance.

World champions Victoria Sinitsyna and Nikita Katsalapov of the Russian Olympic Committee took the silver with the best result of the season in free skating with a total of 220.51.

USA pair Madison Hubble and Zachary Donoghue took bronze with a total of 218.02.


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