French President Macron affirms France’s independence from US control in regards to Taiwan remarks.

French President Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his opinions on Taiwan by stating that being a supporter of the US did not imply being a “vassal” during his visit to the Netherlands.

Macron asserted that although France endorses the status quo for Taiwan, it supports Europe’s strategic freedom and will collaborate with neither Beijing nor Washington in any possible escalation.

Macron confirmed that the One China policy will remain unchanged, and France seeks peaceful resolution for the situation in Taiwan.

Macron faces criticism from former US President Donald Trump, who openly criticised him for supporting China.

Macron, however, refused to acknowledge Trump’s remarks and focused on promoting collaborations between France and the Netherlands.

Two protesters were detained by Dutch police during Macron’s visit due to demonstrating against the increase of the French pension age at Amsterdam University.

Macron expressed that controversies are part of reform, and protests should be accepted.

Macron’s state visit aimed to re-establish the relationship between the two nations following Brexit.

His activities included visiting an art exhibition of works by painter Johannes Vermeer and boat talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Macron’s wife Brigitte and Dutch Queen Maxima also toured the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

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