Ghana: 54 Percent of Ghanaian Workers Are Stressed Daily At Their Jobs

As stress levels remain at an all-time high for the global workforce, in Ghana a majority of workers share in that pain as 54% say they experience stress daily at their jobs. This is according to new insights from the 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report published by American multinational analytics and advisory firm, Gallup.

The stress is associated with physical and mental health problems and lower productivity, the report said, while also identifying that young workers and those in exclusively remote or hybrid work locations experience greater levels of stress.

– Advertisement -“While exclusively remote and hybrid employees report higher employee engagement, they also report higher stress — perhaps caused by a less predictable or structured work life. This raise in employee stress emphasizes the importance of organizations simultaneously addressing employee engagement and wellbeing in the current and future workforce,” it said.

Not just in Ghana alone, but in sub-Saharan Africa, the issue is magnified as the region records the highest percentage (70%) of employees watching for or actively seeking a new job. It also recorded the third-highest regional percentage of daily stress (46%) and daily anger levels (26%) among employees.

The findings accoording to Gallup should offer leaders insights into switching to science-based management techniques to change things around.

– Advertisement -“In this year’s State of the Global Workplace report, we estimate that low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion. That’s 9% of global GDP — enough to make the difference between success and a failure for humanity. Poor management leads to lost customers and lost profits, but it also leads to miserable lives,” said Jon Clifton, the firm’s CEO.

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